NOLO selections at Wine Paris

French Wine Declines as Nolo Category Rises

While wine consumption in France continues to drop, with red wine shunned more than other styles, French consumers are showing increasing interest for no- and lower-alcohol (NOLO) products. Louise Hurren reports.

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First Insights into Vinitaly 2023

At the 55th edition of Vinitaly, some of the formats introduced in 2022 will be given more space. In addition, the fair management wants to achieve the highest volume of international buyers. Veronika Crecelius reports.

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Entry to ProWein (Photo: Messe Düsseldorf/Constanze Tillmann)

ProWein 2023: a Review

ProWein 2023 was undoubtedly more successful than ProWein 2022. In 2023, there were 49,000 visitors, almost 30% more than in 2022, but 20% fewer than in 2019.

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Clemens Gerke, Editor-in-Chief, WEINWIRTSCHAFT

ProWein 2023: Better Always Works...

Some criticism of ProWein is justified, but the quantity of loud complaining is surprising and damaging. A comment by Clemens Gerke.

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Devil's Advocate: Kylie Minogue, King Charles lll and the Lure of Celebrity Wines

Kylie Minogue has sold 8m bottles of wine and cocktails. Bolliger has a royal warrant, indicating it has been supplying its Champagne to British Kings & Queens for over 150yrs. Robert Joseph considers the enduring appeal of producing for celebrities.

Cracking the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Wine Markets: Insider Tips

Getting a wine listed in the Nordic monopolies can be challenging ― but there are tips and tricks to make the process easier. Felicity Carter heard some good advice.

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Alexandra Wrann, Editor-in-Chief of WEINWIRTSCHAFT (l.) and Anja Zimmer, Editor-in-Chief of Meininger's International, open the conference (Photo: Sascha Kreklau)

Meininger's International Wine Conference Returns

The first post-pandemic edition of Meininger's International Wine Conference dedicated to sustainability, struck a nerve in the industry.

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Houses of Parliament. Image: Luke Stackpoole, Unsplash

Higher Alcohol Taxes Reduce the UK's Appeal as an Import Market

Britain is one of the three most important wine markets in the world — but its finance minister has just savagely raised the tax on wine and spirits. Robert Joseph considers the likely impact on the UK’s position as a target for exporters.

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Families of wine

Families of Wine

Extraordinary stories about successful families working together in wine from the world’s most famous viticultural regions. 

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Cautious buyers despite lower crop forecasts (Photo: Diego Cervo/stock.adobe.com)

Ciatti Report: Domestic Buyers Prevail

Below-average harvest volumes expected in many countries. Buyers nevertheless react cautiously. Domestic buyers dominate many markets.

Reading time: 2m 15s

ChatGPT: AI passing exams? (Photo: Hamid/stock.adobe.com)

ChatGPT - a Future Master of Wine?

OpenAI's artificial intelligence bot, ChatGPT has been the centre of global discussion since its launch at the end of last year. Anja Zimmer wonders how far this technology could change the wine industry.

Reading time: 2m 30