Chavin Opens New Markets With Innovation and Non-Alcoholic Wines

Creating wine-based, non-alcoholic products that take the category seriously has opened up new markets for Chavin, including the halal market. Felicity Carter reports.

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Italy’s Export Results Are Not as Bad as Feared

Like other wine exporters, Italy is trending down — but it’s doing better than its key competitors. Veronika Crecelius reports.

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Drouhin Cuts Prices

Joseph Drouhin becomes the first Burgundy winery to lower prices. On average, the 2022 wines from the Domaine will be 15% cheaper than the previous year.

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Pedro Ferrer is the New President of the Spanish Wine Federation

The Freixenet representative has been elected as the new president of the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV). In his inaugural speech, he criticizes the current climate of debate regarding wine."

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Devil’s Advocate: Should We Be Talking About Red Wine Headaches?

Robert Joseph looks at a phenomenon that rarely gets discussed — the discomfort some people, including wine professionals, suffer after drinking a glass or two of red.

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Florida Is the Hot New Market for Premium Wine

The Sunshine State sailed through the pandemic and has been partying ever since. As salaries are high, reports Sarah Phillips, there’s a need for a supply of premium wine.

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The International Bulk Wine Market: Mysterious Price Drops

Interesting times for Australia and Argentine.

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New Leadership at Angelini Wines & Estates

Following Andrea Lonardi's transition, Angelini Wines & Estates announces the appointment of a new CEO.

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Cava Records a Mixed 2023

Around two thirds of cava was exported. Germany was by far the most important market, with premium qualities remaining in a niche.

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Non-Alcoholic Wine: On Hold

Veronika Crecelius talks to Elisabetta Romeo-Vareille from the Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) about the state of dealcoholisation in Italy.

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