Finally, Some Good News About Smoke Taint

Smoke taint is a scourge that can ruin a harvest. But as Jeff Siegel discovers, research has unlocked some answers.

Reading time: 5m


A Vine Pest Has Been Found in Switzerland, Raising the Alarm

The rapacious Japanese beetle, first spotted in Europe in 2014, has made it to the German border, close to a major winegrowing region.

Reading time: 2m

Canadian Monopoly Is Closed Due to Strikes

A strike at the LCBO, Ontario's alcohol monopoly, has upended the alcohol landscape. 

Reading time: 2m

Alleged Spanish Saboteur Arrested

A former employee is accused of causing €2.5m in damages to a Ribera del Duero winery out of revenge.

Reading time: 45s



Devil's Advocate: The Wine World Needs More Research. Not Less

Australia's Wine Research Institute is shrinking because of a reduction in funds. Robert Joseph believes this matters, and proposes a novel solution to the AWRI's challenging situation.

Reading time: 5m 30s

A Snapshot of Turkey’s Wine Market

Turkish winemakers have to contend with strict prohibitions and high costs. But, as Irem Eren, DipWSET reports, it hasn’t stopped the growth of a small but enthusiastic sector.

Reading time: 7m 30s

Fewer Germans are Buying Wine

With the declining quantity of customers, wine sales in the German market are also decreasing. However, revenue has slightly increased so far in 2024, partly due to inflation.

Reading Time: 1m


Spanish Bulk Wine Under Fire from EU

Spanish bulk wine is turning up in bottles and bag-in-box from Portugal to Germany, but surplus stocks in Portugal have prompted producers and regions to call for greater controls – some even want quotas on wine imports from Spain. Barnaby Eales reports.

Reading time: 7m

European Bulk Wine: Price Reductions Expected

In Spain, a good harvest is expected, Italian Pinot Grigio is almost sold out. Demand for white wine is high.

Reading time: 45s

For One Day, Munich Became a Champagne Capital

The Meininger’s publishing house hosted the third “100% Champagne” event in Munich, successfully gaining a foothold in the German-speaking scene.

Reading time: 1m

New Managing Director for Hawesko E-Commerce

Nicolas Tantzen succeeds Gerd Stemman at Germany's Hawesko GmbH.

Reading time: 45s