Turbulent Times for German Wine Producers

German consumers are still drinking plenty of wine — but their preferences are changing. Felix Bodmann looks at the trends.

Reading time: 6m 15s


ProWein: "We Need to Focus on Our Strengths"

MEININGER’S INTERNATIONAL interviewed fair director Peter Schmitz about this year's edition, the strategic orientation, and the significance of ProWein in the Messe Düsseldorf portfolio.

Reading time: 3m

Ciatti Report: Adapting to Price Sensitivity

The global bulk wine market was relatively active in the first six weeks of the year compared to the slowness of the second half of 2023. Where has the activity occurred and what is the latest news from the Southern Hemisphere’s vineyards, where harvesting is getting underway?

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Discover Düsseldorf's Nightlife: Our Post-ProWein Event Guide

From morning until late afternoon, the ProWein days are dedicated to discovery, negotiation, and networking. Afterward, it's time to relax by participating in one of the many Wine & Dine opportunities, joining a champagne tasting, or perhaps visiting a fine restaurant with an extensive wine list.

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Armenia, Organic, Champagne & More: Meininger Verlag at ProWein

Never before has the Meininger publishing house been as prominently represented at ProWein as in 2024. Meininger Verlag offers an extensive seminar program at its booth and highlights its multifaceted expertise in wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages across three tasting zones. And on the day before the fair, the company kicks off the major industry gathering in Düsseldorf with Meininger’s Wine Conference and the Meininger Award.

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US Grocer Merger Could Mean Less Shelf Space for Wine

Two giant retailers are proposing a merger. If it goes ahead, it could have a significant impact on the American wine market. Jeff Siegel reports.

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Négociants Face Fines for Undercutting Winemaker Prices

Two merchants in France were penalized for purchasing bulk wine from producer Rémi Lacombe at prices below the production cost, establishing a significant legal precedent.

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The International Bulk Wine Market: South Africa's Prices Rise 

Price swings on the international bulk wine market.

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60,000 Liters Down the Drain

In a suspected act of sabotage at a winery in Ribera del Duero, an unknown individual spilled wine valued at an estimated €2.5m.

Reading time: 45s