The wine frontier

The annual wine2wine conference in Verona is one of the highlights of the wine calendar. Felicity Carter reports.

Wine on the harbour

The HKTDC International Wine & Spirits Fair turned ten this year. It’s been a remarkable decade. Felicity Carter reports.

Where the somms add up

TEXSOM has become the premier event for sommeliers. Treve Ring went to the 2017 edition, where she caught up with the founders.

The right people for the job

The wine industry needs people with passion and enthusiasm. But where do you find them? Liza B. Zimmerman reports on an industry discussion.

The spirit of Tuscany

The Frescobaldi family has been making wine for more than 700 years, an achievement recognised at the Meininger Award 2017. Felicity Carter reports.

Celebrating Australia Day

The room was buzzing at the latest Australia Day tasting, as artisan and premium winemakers showcased their wares. Felicity Carter had a taste.

Wine heads to the party

India’s SulaFest, organised by a major Indian winery, now attracts more than 10,000 people. Robert Joseph went along.

Wine innovation

Meininger’s Wine Business International sponsored the Trailblazers competition at Wine Vision 2016. Robert Joseph reports on the results.

A summing up of wine

Robert Joseph went along to the Wine Vision conference, which brought some of the most significant members of the industry to the one stage. This is his report.

Natural wine becomes mainstream

In a few short years, natural wine has gone from being a hotly contested curiosity to a mainstream category. Natural wine fairs now draw thousands of interested consumers. Treve Ring pays RAW a visit.

Romania’s Robin Hood

Caroline Gilby MW participates in the ROvinHUd wine fair in Romania, which is set up and run by members of the disability rights charity Ceva de Spus.

A hidden gem

The VinCE wine show is a chance for the wine trade to uncover a new generation of wines from a part of Europe that deserves more attention. Darrel Joseph took a look.

The digital conversation

The annual Digital Wine Communications Conference brought together wine lovers and communicators of all kinds, found Robert Joseph. He found the focus firmly on wine.

The evolution of London’s fair

The London Wine Fair has been a national event, an international event, and now a national event again. Robert Joseph charts its changing fortunes and asks where it’s going next.

The good, the bad, the ugly

There is no wine topic as guaranteed to get people shouting at one another as the merits of artisanal winemaking, whether that be biodynamic, organic or natural. Felicity Carter went to hear a seminar at Vinitaly that thrashed out what it means to be artisanal.