Inside the Chengdu wine fair

The Chengdu wine fair isn't just one event, but many. Robert Joseph gets into a taxi and heads out to take a look.

The turnaround conference

Wine2Wine, held in Verona every November, offers practical information for the wine trade. Felicity Carter reports on some interesting sessions.

Success in bulk

If you want to really understand the wine world, suggests Robert Joseph, you need to pay a visit to the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, held in Amsterdam each November.

ProWine comes into its own

ProWine Shanghai initially got off to a slow start, reports Robert Joseph. But the 2018 edition marked a turning point.

Germany’s tasting of the year

Each year, Germany’s sommeliers head to Neustadt an der Weinstraße, to taste the finest wines in the world. Felicity Carter went along.

Sonoma charms the buyers

Vinexpo has developed a way to create a community of buyers. Robert Joseph went on tour with them.

The RAW awakening

Isabelle Legeron MW’s wine fair has become a global juggernaut. Simon Woolf reports.

The gateway to Asia

Robert Joseph attends the trade fair run by the Hong Kong government, and learns about market development in the region.

Wine beyond normal

Wine by its very nature is a luxury item, but not all wines belong in the luxury category. How to untangle this paradox? Robert Joseph went to the Meininger’s Conference to find out.

The wine frontier

The annual wine2wine conference in Verona is one of the highlights of the wine calendar. Felicity Carter reports.

Wine on the harbour

The HKTDC International Wine & Spirits Fair turned ten this year. It’s been a remarkable decade. Felicity Carter reports.

Where the somms add up

TEXSOM has become the premier event for sommeliers. Treve Ring went to the 2017 edition, where she caught up with the founders.

The right people for the job

The wine industry needs people with passion and enthusiasm. But where do you find them? Liza B. Zimmerman reports on an industry discussion.

The spirit of Tuscany

The Frescobaldi family has been making wine for more than 700 years, an achievement recognised at the Meininger Award 2017. Felicity Carter reports.