A greater threat than Phylloxera?

Phylloxera wiped out vineyards around the world at the end of the nineteenth century. International vineyard consultant Dr Richard Smart says vineyards are now seeing a much worse threat emerge – but one which is being ignored. He sounds the alarm on grapevine trunk diseases.

An en primeur to remember

If Bordeaux 2013 had not existed, says Sophie Kevany, critics of the system, and those who believe it will weed out the weakest links, might have been tempted to invent it.

The commodity reality

Column - Robert Joseph 

Ukrainian wine producers protest EU association

An impending agreement with the EU is intended to push Ukrainian producers towards higher quality production. But Eugene Gerden finds that the local wine industry is worried that they are going to be subject to competitive conditions they are not equipped to meet.

California’s property market churns

The property market for wineries and vineyards in California is buoyant, reports James Lawrence. Not only have some high profile wineries been sold, but investors are looking further afield, to states such as Oregon. What’s driving this churn in wine property?

Problems in bulk

During apartheid, South Africa sold wine in bulk as a way of bypassing sanctions. But a history of being too comfortable with selling wine in bulk has come back to bite South Africa. Michael Fridjhon reports.

Is your wine a GRABABA?

Column - Robert Joseph

Rush to Oregon

A slew of new acquisitions by major players is cementing Oregon’s reputation as an important US wine region, says Erica Landin. Not only are Americans themselves showing interest, but there have been important moves by French companies as well.

Is time running out for the beneficio?

A system set up nearly a century ago to regulate Port production is now skewing the economics of grape growing in the Douro, finds Richard Woodard. But what will it take to make changes?

Is Champagne the new Bordeaux?

Champagne has always been the drink of celebration. And now, investors are celebrating a combination of rising prices and tightening grape supplies, finding their wines are becoming more valuable. But, says James Lawrence, not everyone is celebrating.

Argentina’s wine industry takes a beating

Capital controls imposed by the government are putting winemakers into a vise, reports Daniel Lopez Roca. On the one hand, earnings are devalued as soon as they hit the bank. On the other, equipment, inputs and wages are spiraling out of control.

Build an online audience

When wine blogs began, the mainstream media ridiculed them as the work of amateurs. Today, some wine bloggers have achieved star status and wineries vie for their attention. But, asks Felicity Carter, why aren’t wine businesses creating their own blogs?