Italy's biggest companies

Mediobanca publishes its ranking of Italy's largest wine and spirits companies.

History didn't end

Robert Joseph sees a connection between global political trends and the evolution of the wine industry.

Making wine is not enough

Some wine producers resent the time and effort required to promote and sell their wine. Robert Joseph suggests that this is an attitude that will have to change.

Concentration in the beer market

Only ten companies account for two thirds of global beer production.

Strength in numbers

The Italian cooperatives have weathered 2020 with a total increase in turnover of one percent. However, the companies are developing very differently.

In search of truth

"Wines that tell stories" is the region's motto on the Valdepeñas website. Not all the stories currently being told contribute to the positive image of the Spanish PDO. Jürgen Mathäß reports.

Wine in German food retail

Food retail is the most important sales market for wine in Germany. An overview of how the category is currently developing.

Superblends at Super Prices

Penfolds is launching two new wines at prices that rival the highest commanded for any Australian wine. Robert Joseph considers the rights and wrongs of this kind of strategy.

Every Sip is Another Vote

A US wine brand is clearly focused on supporters of one political party. Robert Joseph reports.

(Don't) Give us each our daily red

Robert Joseph bravely questions some popular memes that celebrate regular wine consumption.

Hidden Giants

Villa Maria, one of New Zealand’s biggest producers is to change ownership. Robert Joseph considers the importance of knowing a little more about the important players in the shadows of the wine industry.

World champion in organic farming

Northern Italy catches up to the South with organic.

Post-Brexit and the wine producers

Meininger’s tracks the impact of Brexit upon the wine industry in a two-part series. This week, we show how wine producers cope with the new situation. L.M. Archer has asked around.

Time for a rethink?

As US wine sales slow and may even go into decline, Robert Joseph raises the possibility that would-be exporters may need to reconsider what they are offering.

"Things may slowly get worse"

Meininger’s tracks the impact of Brexit upon the wine industry in a two-part series. In the first part of our Brexit series, we take a closer look at how UK importers and retailers face the grim realities of Brexit and at the easing the abandonment of VI-1 forms bring.

A story by L.M. Archer.