Issue 1, 2018 of Meininger's Wine Business International magazine

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Column - Robert Joseph 

Russia, with love

Café Pushkin in Moscow is an institution. Anton Moiseenko meets the sommeliers behind it.

The eyes have it

Neuroscientific research is demonstrating what good designers have always known – the right label can sell the wine. Michele Shah looks at the work of Simonetta Doni.

The forgotten valley

The Itata region of Chile, south of Santiago, is the home to some of the country’s oldest vines. Alistair Cooper MW paid a visit.

The third Burgundy

Many consumers don’t even realise that Burgundy makes a sparkling wine. As Roger Morris reports, producers of Crémant de Bourgogne are fighting perceptions on many fronts.

Romania’s turning point

EU funding has encouraged dozens of wineries to spring up in a short time. What are their chances of success? Felicity Carter goes to find out.

Raising the game

Does wine really change when grapes grow at high altitudes? The Catena Institute of Wine in Argentina may have some answers, as Jürgen Mathäß discovers.