Issue 2, 2018 of Meininger's Wine Business International magazine

Brussels sprouts wine lovers

Belgium may be known for its beer, but Belgians are also partial to wine. Hans Kraak looks at what the Belgians drink and where they buy it from.

How to Sweden

Sweden may be a monopoly market, but there are opportunities for wine producers apart from Systembolaget. Felicity Carter explains.

New life in old vines

When international wines were in vogue, Navarra uprooted its old vines. But now winemakers are going back to the old ways, as Patricia Langton discovers.

The main segment

Column - Robert Joseph

Warming to its task

ProChile, the export arm of Chile’s government, has moved from helping big wine companies to smaller ones. Marcela Burgos investigates.

The tradition

Louis Jadot is one of the great houses of Burgundy, yet it also makes affordable wines. Adam Lechmere pays a visit.

The price of prestige

The cost of land in some of the world’s most prestigious regions has now separated from the value of the grapes produced. L.M. Archer analyses the situation

True to form

Every wine that’s created has to have its vintage, sugar, alcohol and more recorded. Felicity Carter looks at a new system that promises to streamline the administration.

La vie en rosé

It’s the trend nobody saw coming — the unstoppable rise of rosé. But, says Robert Joseph, rosé has risen and fallen before. Can it stay on top?