Issue 5, 2017 of Meininger's Wine Business International magazine

Follow the Silk Road

Column - Robert Joseph 

Wine on tap

What happens when a wine educator opens a bar? He introduces an entire city to new wines, as Jeff Siegel discovers.

An Italian cooperative

Barbaresco’s cooperative got its members through hard times, says Michaela Morris. What will the future hold now that things are easier?

The Superman of yeasts

There’s a lot of talk about wild yeast fermentations, but how wild is really wild? Treve Ring visits the Lallemand Oenology conference to find out.

In search of new tastes

Cash-strapped US millennials are experimental and looking for new tastes. But, says Jeff Siegel, quality counts.

Crus control

Once, Burgundy was divided into merchants and grape growers. Now, says Roger Morris, both groups are rushing to be more like each other.

Oregon rising

The fourth biggest wine producing state in the US, Oregon is becoming renowned for its fine wines. Liza B. Zimmerman gives an overview.

Vets in the vines

What happens when members of the French Foreign Legion retire from duty? Some head for the vines. Sophie Kevany reports.