Issue 5, 2018 of Meininger's Wine Business International magazine

Lambrusco stages a comeback

Once a sweet industrial wine, Lambrusco is returning to its heritage. Michèle Shah explains what’s going on.

Wine from the mine

A disused silver mine has become a cellar for one of Italy’s most notable white wines. Stephen Quinn goes underground to find out more.

In search of new grapes

Australia’s major scientific body has spent decades working on grape crosses, searching for a uniquely Australian taste. Jeni Port has the story.

Slovakia’s quality promise

Bold winemaking, unusual varietals and a flair for natural wines are putting Slovakia on the winemaking map. Darren Smith reports.

The new Greek generation

As Greece begins to emerge from its long financial crisis, Gregory Michailos looks at how the country’s wine industry has survived.

Big data on the rise

New entrants to the market research field are bringing with them a facility for big data. Felicity Carter reports on Emetry, while Robert Joseph takes a look at Enolytics.

Brand data

London-based IWSR is one of the oldest wine research houses in the world. Sophie Kevany looks at how it’s still going strong.