The communal winery

The Madeira Wine Institute has created a novel scheme to help still wine production flourish on the island. Rui Falcão reports.

Russia's influencer

Despite severe restrictions on the dissemination of information about alcohol, Russia still has some influencers. Anton Moiseenko reports.

Poland’s wine communicators

The world’s exporters are increasingly interested in the growing Polish wine market. Wojciech Bońkowski introduces the communicators connecting the public to wine.

Who’s Who New York

The power players of New York are a tough crowd. But if you want to put your wines on the menu of the Big Apple, you need to know who they are. Jeff Siegel reveals all.

The Brutal approach to wine

An innovative wine distributor has created a bar that is helping to change the wine landscape of Barcelona. Barnaby Eales reports.

Grupo Peñaflor’s future is premium

Moving into premium segments is an urgent task for Argentina’s producers. Jürgen Mathäß reports on how the biggest player is doing it.

Who is Who Argentina

After years of crisis, Argentina’s economy is finally stabilising. Daniel López Roca surveys the wine landscape.

Writers of Finland

Finland not only has a growing wine scene, but it has also produced a number of notable wine communicators. Ilkka Sirén reports.

Denmark’s communicators

Denmark, Scandinavia’s free alcohol market, has a rich diversity of wine opinion. Elsebeth Lohfert introduces the communicators.

Norway’s opinion leaders

Norway may be a monopoly country, but it has a thriving wine communication scene. Liora Levi reveals the major names.

The tradition

Louis Jadot is one of the great houses of Burgundy, yet it also makes affordable wines. Adam Lechmere pays a visit.

US wine market: American Influencer

Jeff Siegel sets out to discover who really influences what consumers buy in the massive US wine market. Here are his findings.

Who’s Who in Tuscany

Tuscany is not only Italy’s premier wine-producing region but also a buzzing market and popular tourist destination. Wojciech Bońkowski looks at the main players.

Japans's importers

Looking to establish yourself in the mature market of Japan? Roddy Ropner introduces the major importers.

Russia, with love

Café Pushkin in Moscow is an institution. Anton Moiseenko meets the sommeliers behind it.