Mandatory ingredient information on labels causes discontent in the industry.

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The second renowned producer leaves Vinea Wachau and focuses on the site classification of the DAC.

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Accolade Wines has named Derek Nicol as the new Managing Director for its European division, set to take over from Caroline Thompson-Hill.

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The International Organisation of Vine & Wine (OIV) estimate that 2023 wine production will be 7% lower than the below-average volume of 2022, and it says, the lowest output since 1961. Does this tally with what we at Ciatti are hearing, and what should we make of it?

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The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) has launched "Smart 365", a dedicated B2B online platform aimed at enhancing and simplifying international business interactions within the Italian wine sector.

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With the planned acquisition of a winery in Marlborough, the corporation's vineyard area in New Zealand would increase to 750 hectares.

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The Hospices de Beaune Charity Auction in Burgundy achieves its second-highest result in history.

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Despite widespread rumours to the contrary, Wednesday brought the news that the UK is to escape another tax hike that would have meant that the government's share of the price of any bottle would have risen by nearly a third since July.

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Despite the European Commission's proposal to extend the glyphosate authorization for another 10 years not receiving a qualified majority in the Appeals Committee, the extension is proceeding. But there will be new requirements.

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After a victory at the Appeals Court, Australia can no longer export its Prosecco to Singapore.

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The development of a new encoding standard for Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) is geared towards producing adaptable barcodes. This initiative is expected to facilitate the embedding of comprehensive product details for wine consumers.

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The European glass manufacturer Verallia has introduced the Bordeaux Air 300G, a very light Bordeaux bottle.

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The European Court of Auditors has sharply criticized the distribution of EU subsidies for viticulture in a special report.

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Thieves who stole a truckload of Moët & Chandon champagne managed to escape after a spectacular chase, but the police secured their loot, valued at approximately $650,000.

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The EU has agreed on a new regulation aimed at more effectively safeguarding Appellations of Origin, even when the respective products are processed into others.

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