Excellence from Eastern Europe

Purcari Wineries Group (Moldova) links 200 years tradition with modern technology and marketing / Most awarded producer in CEE.

Reading time: 2m 30s

Millésime Bio: The Show Must Go On

Louise Hurren reports from Montpellier (France).

Reading time: 2m 45s

Margaux Launches New Second Wine

2022 marks the first vintage from which Château Margaux has produced a second wine for its Pavillon Blanc.

Reading time: 1m 15s

Wine Paris: International Breakthrough?

Wine Paris is experiencing steady growth, particularly with an increased international focus. Will the fair definitely move away from its franco-centric orientation? Alexandra Wrann and Robert Joseph report.

Reading time: 6m 

Ciatti Report: Dynamics in the Bulk Wine Market

As every January, this month’s Ciatti Global Market Report looks back at the year just passed and ahead to the new one. If 2022 was characterised by rising annual inflation levels and a supply chain crisis, 2023 will be remembered for interest rates rises and slow buyer demand.

Reading time: 1m 45s

Champagne Sales Decline

Despite growing export shares, global sales of the prestigious sparkling wine fell by 8.2% in 2023.

Reading time: 1m 15s

ProWein Business Report: Challenging in Retrospect; Optimistic Looking Forward

Annually, the ProWein Business Report spotlights the wine industry's paramount issues. A unanimous consensus emerges on rising costs as the primary challenge. However, opinions diverge on strategies to counteract consumption decline. Alexandra Wrann reports.

Reading time: 5m

Australia’s Wine Swimming Pool

Three different problems converged on Australia’s wine producers, leaving them awash in excess wine. Felicity Carter hears what’s being done to drain the pool.

Reading time: 6m 30s

The 11 Threats and Opportunities for Wine in 2024

Robert Joseph considers where wine sits in the context of tectonic global events, and offers a few signposts...

Reading time: 9m 30s

The Grower-Champagne Success Story that Never Happened

Today, despite the increase in the media attention grower-Champagnes receive, they only produce around 18% of their region's fizz - compared to 25% at the turn of the century. Robert Joseph provides the background to a statistic many may find surprising.

Reading time: 5m

Seven Wine Trends in 2024

What are the underlying trends that are shaping the world of wine? Felicity Carter peers into her crystal ball.

Reading time: 6m

A Look Back at 2023 - and Best Wishes for 2024

Inflation, natural disasters, small harvests - but also opportunities: The market for low- and no-alcohol wine is increasing, canned wine offers new sales channels. And producers who are focusing on the premium and super-premium sector are gaining traction. 

Reading time: 2m 30s

Ciatti Report: Slow End to the Year on the Bulk Wine Market

A year of flat or declining wine sales due to consumer pessimism draws to a close with bulk markets in December exhibiting the same slowness they have done throughout the previous eleven months. Transactions are, on most wines in most markets, incremental and price-sensitive.

Reading time: 2m

OIV Reports That Red Wine Is Losing Its Appeal

The latest OIV Focus 2023 looks back across the last 20 years and finds a dramatic shift in style from red to white and pink.

Reading time: 4m

Devil’s Advocate: New EU Labelling Rules; a Spoonful of Sugar and a Pinch of Salt

The new EU labelling laws will compel producers to reveal whether they have sweetened their wines. Robert Joseph welcomes the move – with reservations.

Reading time: 4m 30s