The International Bulk Wine Market: South Africa's Prices Rise 

Price swings on the international bulk wine market.

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Négociants Face Fines for Undercutting Winemaker Prices

Two merchants in France were penalized for purchasing bulk wine from producer Rémi Lacombe at prices below the production cost, establishing a significant legal precedent.

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Ciatti Report: Adapting to Price Sensitivity

The global bulk wine market was relatively active in the first six weeks of the year compared to the slowness of the second half of 2023. Where has the activity occurred and what is the latest news from the Southern Hemisphere’s vineyards, where harvesting is getting underway?

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European Bulk Wine Market: Focus on Price Limits

Current developments on the bulk wine markets: News from France, Italy and Spain.

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Bulk Wine: Dragging Market

The new year has started slow. Will it stay that way?

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South Africa's Wine Exports Decline Significantly

South Africa's wine exports experienced a 17% decrease in 2023. However, in terms of export value, they held their ground, remaining affordable for international buyers.

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We Need to Reposition Wine in a Different Way: An Interview With Rodolphe Lameyse

Robert Joseph has a broad-ranging conversation with Rodolphe Lameyse, CEO since 2019 of Vinexposium, organiser of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, Vinexpo Asia, Vinexpo America, Vinexpo India, and the World Bulk Wine Exhibition in Amsterdam.

Reading time: 6m 30s

Ciatti Report: Dynamics in the Bulk Wine Market

As every January, this month’s Ciatti Global Market Report looks back at the year just passed and ahead to the new one. If 2022 was characterised by rising annual inflation levels and a supply chain crisis, 2023 will be remembered for interest rates rises and slow buyer demand.

Reading time: 1m 45s

Ciatti Report: Slow End to the Year on the Bulk Wine Market

A year of flat or declining wine sales due to consumer pessimism draws to a close with bulk markets in December exhibiting the same slowness they have done throughout the previous eleven months. Transactions are, on most wines in most markets, incremental and price-sensitive.

Reading time: 2m