International Bulk Wine Market: Price Drop in Argentina

While a large harvest leads to a fall in prices in Argentina, prices elsewhere tend to remain stable. 

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European Bulk Wine Market: Spain Nearly out of Stock

The small 2023 harvest has left Spain with low stocks of all styles, especially white. But a normal-size crop this year should remedy the situation. Despite the shortages, red wine prices are still falling, thanks to poor demand.

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Ciatti Report: Adjustments Required

The Organisation of Vine & Wine’s recently-published ‘State of the World Vine & Wine Sector 2023’ report showed that the gains in global consumption made between the mid-1990s and the consumption peak in 2007 have since completely unwound – despite the global population having risen by 1.5bn in the meantime. 

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International Bulk Wine Market: Low Harvest and China Effect

The harvest in the southern hemisphere is in full swing, in many countries lower volumes are expected.

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Ciatti Report: Better Bulk Wine Demand

The global bulk wine market has experienced its second consecutive month of more normal activity levels following the acute slowness of 2023. What has been the driver and does it mean a corner has been turned?

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European Bulk Wine Market: Spain is Running Dry

The impact of low harvest volumes is beginning to be felt in the Spanish bulk wine market.

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The International Bulk Wine Market: Mysterious Price Drops

Interesting times for Australia and Argentine.

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Ciatti Report: Hope and Hurdles in the Bulk Wine Market

The global bulk wine market heads into the second quarter of 2024 seemingly more fluid than it has been for months, with some good activity levels on particular wines, some price rises, some price falls, and some supply shortages.

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European Bulk Wine Market: Spain Waits for Rain

Demand is picking up in some areas, but the majority of prices have not (yet) changed since the last survey.

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