Brad Pitt Launches a New Champagne, Petite Fleur

The Champagne company Fleur de Miraval is launching its second rosé Champagne, Petite Fleur.

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Pommery Goes Rock

Champagne Pommery is launching its first champagne in collaboration with the Japanese rockstar Yoshiki.

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Devil’s Advocate: Wine Prices Are Too Low. Maybe We Could Learn From Barbie

Robert Joseph believes the wine industry could learn from the way successful movies are marketed.

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A New Champagne from 50 Cent

The Terroirs et Vignerons de Champagne (TEVC) cooperative group will in future produce Champagne for the "Le Chemin du Roi" brand of Sire Champagne, a subsidiary of Hoboken, New Jersey-based Sire Spirits - the company owned by U.S. rapper Curtis Jackson, aka '50 Cent'.

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Seeing John Malkovich

Theatre and film legend John Malkovich was the star turn at the 10th International Symposium of the Institute of Masters of Wine in Wiesbaden, Germany. Meininger's International had the opportunity to speak with him. Felicity Carter reports.

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Interview: Kylie Minogue, Princess of Pop and Pink Prosecco

After publicly interviewing Kylie Minogue at ProWein, Robert Joseph had the chance to talk to her, one-on-one, about the background to a wine and wine cocktail range, launched in 2020 with Paul Schaafsma of Benchmark Drinks, that has sold 8m bottles in under three years.

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Devil's Advocate: Kylie Minogue, King Charles lll and the Lure of Celebrity Wines

Kylie Minogue has sold 8m bottles of wine & cocktails. Bollinger has a royal warrant, indicating it has been supplying its Champagne to British Kings & Queens for over 150yrs. Robert Joseph considers the enduring appeal of producing for celebrities.

Celebrity Wine

The announcement of 19 Crimes partnership with Martha Stewart, is bound to fuel discussion of this form of marketing.

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Will George Clooney become Brad Pitt's neighbour in Provence?

George Clooney's purchase of a vineyard in Provence is contested.