Ciatti Report: Historic Low in Global Wine Production

The International Organisation of Vine & Wine (OIV) estimate that 2023 wine production will be 7% lower than the below-average volume of 2022, and it says, the lowest output since 1961. Does this tally with what we at Ciatti are hearing, and what should we make of it?

Reading time: 2m

Bulk Wine Market: Uncertain Outlook

Unpredictable harvest volumes and sluggish markets have an impact on prices for bulk wine.

Reading time: 45s

Ciatti Report: Lacking Predictability

October has arrived but the Northern Hemisphere harvest picture still lacks clarity due to a patchy performance in Europe and a lag in California’s growing season by up to four weeks. What have we been hearing?

Reading time: 2m

The Bulk Wine Market: Slowing Export Sales

Slowing exports are leading to high inventories. Can falling inflation rates boost consumption?

Reading time: 45s

Ciatti Report: A Painful But Necessary Rationalisation

This year’s Northern Hemisphere harvests are now underway after an eventful growing season of heatwaves, humidity, hailstorms, flooding, and disease pressure. What does this all mean for the crops? Ciatti gives its assessment.

Reading time: 2m 15s

The Bulk Wine Market: Wait And Hope

Except for a few deals on varietal wines from Chile and Australia, there is not much going on.

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Ciatti Report: Is Pessimism on the Rise?

Another month of limited activity on the world’s bulk wine markets has passed by, with the traditional lull during the Northern Hemisphere summer holiday season adding to the quietness. Will 2023 crop projections change things?

Reading time: 1m 45s

Bulk Abundance in One Hemisphere. Scarcity in the Other

The bulk wine market in the northern hemisphere is very quiet. In the southern hemisphere, there is good demand for white varietal wines.

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Ciatti Report: It's Quiet on the Bulk Wine Market - But There Are Great Opportunities

As is normal for July, with summer holidays underway, the Northern Hemisphere’s bulk wine markets are quiet. But now could be an opportune time to build a brand.

Reading time: 1m 45s