Ciatti Report: France, Spain and South Africa Gained Ground

Amid a globally slow sales picture, activity on the bulk wine markets of France, Spain and South Africa managed to tick up through April into early May, for a variety of local reasons.

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Uncertainty in Argentina 

Global economic uncertainties are causing caution in the bulk wine market. 

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Ciatti Report: Slowdown on the Retail Shelf

A common theme in this month’s Ciatti Global Market Report is the noticeable slowdown in European demand for bulk wine with a slowdown in turnover on the retail shelf. A longer term slide in key markets cannot be ruled out.  

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Bulk Wine Prices: Calm in the Storm

Market activity is rather calm overall and most prices are stable. 

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Ciatti Report: Domestic Buyers Prevail

Below-average harvest volumes expected in many countries. Buyers nevertheless react cautiously. Domestic buyers dominate many markets.

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Southern Hemisphere Harvest Report

South of the equator, the 2023 harvest is under way 

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Ciatti Report: Global Slowdown?

Activity on the bulk wine and grape markets in January occurred mainly in the Southern Hemisphere, now that picking of its new 2023 vintage is underway and crop expectations begin to influence buying and selling behaviour.

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Ciatti Report: Demand for Bulk Wine Is Dragging

The year 2022 was characterised by high inflation levels and rising interest rates and logistic problems. As every January, this month’s Ciatti Global Market Report looks back at the year just passed and ahead to the new one.

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Argentina Is a World Champion in Soccer. In Wine, Not So Much

The red wine market continues to be oversaturated, which in many places is leading to conversion measures in production to more white wine. Australia is also pushing down the overall market with low price levels for both reds and whites.

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