Fewer Germans are Buying Wine

With the declining quantity of customers, wine sales in the German market are also decreasing. However, revenue has slightly increased so far in 2024, partly due to inflation.

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A Blow to Wine Research, While Influencers Face Hard Times

A lot happened in the world of wine this week, from trouble among the influencers, to Spain’s government making a financial commitment to the wine sector. Here are our top reads.

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Devil’s Advocate: It's Not (Just) about the Taste

Why should anyone buy one wine rather than another - apart from because of the way it tastes (and its price)? This is a question Robert Joseph suggests needs to be asked rather more often.

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The WHO's Measures are Showing Results

The World Health Organization has recorded a decrease in alcohol consumption in its "Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health." However, it does not yet consider its goal achieved.

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US Wine Industry Fights Back With New Marketing Campaigns

It might feel like it’s all gloom and doom in the wine industry right now, but two separate groups are creating positive energy around wine. Felicity Carter reports.

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Devil’s Advocate: What Wine Brands Could Learn From Aperol

Robert Joseph considers the success of the world's favourite orange-pink alcoholic drink.

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Rethinking Risks: Decline in Alcohol Consumption

In Germany in recent years, all signs point to a steady decline in alcohol consumption, especially among young people, and a decrease in alcohol abuse.

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5 Trends in the US Beverage Alcohol Market

Wine sales in the US market fell slightly in 2023. According to NIQ, there are fundamental shifts underway in the beverage alcohol market. Felicity Carter reports.

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Global Wine Production and Consumption Both Fell in 2023

Each April, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) presents its report on the "Situation in the global wine sector". In 2023, production volumes fell, but so did consumption. And there is still a surplus.

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