The International Bulk Wine Market: Mysterious Price Drops

Interesting times for Australia and Argentine.

Reading time: 30s

7 Ways That Catena Zapata Builds Markets and Grows Sales

It takes a lot of effort to build a brand, particularly in times of economic turmoil. Laura Catena explains to Felicity Carter how she does it.

Reading time: 6m

A Proposed Tax Is Dropped and Argentine Wineries Breathe a Sigh of Relief

With an inflation rate of 160%, the last thing Argentine producers needed was a tax increase. Daniel López Roca reports that there has been some relief.

Reading time: 2m

Lionel Messi Scores with His Own Wine Brand

The Argentine football superstar has launched his own Italian wine brand, positioning it in the premium segment.

Reading time: 1m

Bulk Wine Market: Focus on Argentina and Australia

Argentina and Australia show how much political developments can influence the wine market.

Reading time: 45s

Argentina Faces a Smaller Harvest in 2023

Late frost caused significant yield reductions, yet exceptional quality is anticipated.

Reading time: 1m 30s

Uncertainty in Argentina 

Global economic uncertainties are causing caution in the bulk wine market. 

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Puro: Beyond Electropop

Dieter Meier has lived many lives. His success has far surpassed his musical and winemaking careers. Iris Trenkner-Panwitz reports.

Reading time: 1m 45s

Bulk Wine Prices: Calm in the Storm

Market activity is rather calm overall and most prices are stable. 

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