Accolade Wines Announces New Managing Director for Europe

Accolade Wines has named Derek Nicol as the new Managing Director for its European division, set to take over from Caroline Thompson-Hill.

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TWE to Acquire Unnamed Winery and Land in New Zealand

With the planned acquisition of a winery in Marlborough, the corporation's vineyard area in New Zealand would increase to 750 hectares.

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Italy Wins Against Australia in Prosecco Dispute

After a victory at the Appeals Court, Australia can no longer export its Prosecco to Singapore.

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Australian Wine Exports Plummet

With export volumes and values falling, Australia desperately needs a reopening of its market in China. But this may not be enough to solve its problems.

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Australia Breathes a Sigh of Relief as Trade Dispute With China Reviewed

Australia and China have suspended their World Trade Organization wine tariff dispute. China wants to take five months to review the punitive tariffs imposed on wine imports from Australia. In return, Australia will suspend its complaint to the WTO.

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At Long Last, Grenache Is a Rising Star. Here’s Why

As winemakers treat Grenache with more care, it’s showing its lighter, more expressive side. Chris Losh says it’s one of the most exciting developments in red wine today.

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Devil’s Advocate: It’s the Million-Litre Question. What Should Happen to Australia’s Excess Wine?

Robert Joseph suggests the best solution for the Australian wine lake is to drain it.

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Chinese Wine Consumption Has Fallen Dramatically Over the Last Decade. Here's Why

Kym Anderson, one of the world's leading wine academics, has just published a shorter version of his latest paper 'What's happened to the wine market in China?' in the Journal of Wine Economics. Robert Joseph considers its implications.

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How a High School Teacher Built a Champagne Juggernaut. From Brisbane

Tyson Stelzer is one of the world’s top Champagne experts, with a thriving wine publishing business. He tells Felicity Carter how he did it.

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