Australian Vintage dismisses CEO

Craig Garvin will be temporarily replaced by Peter Perrin – a new CEO is currently being sought.

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YouTube Is the Way to Attract Younger Audiences to Wine

Brendan Carter can’t understand why so many wine professionals are ignoring YouTube. He tells Felicity Carter how he built his own Wine for the People channel.

Reading time: 7m

Australian Wine Exports: Chinese Dreams

Since China imposed tariffs of up to 212% on Australian wines in November 2020, Down Under has been facing a flood of red wine. Now, China has announced the end of these tariffs. Does this solve all the problems?

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The International Bulk Wine Market: Mysterious Price Drops

Interesting times for Australia and Argentine.

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A New China for Australia's Wine Exporters

Following the reopening of the Chinese market, Australians are facing new challenges: a smaller market, established players, and emerging trends.

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China Ends Tariffs on Australian Wine

The Australian wine industry celebrates the reopening of its once crucial export market. In the medium term, they aim to re-establish themselves.

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The Top 10 New World Wineries

Some of the biggest wineries in the world are headquartered in North America and Australia. Here are 10 of the biggest.

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China Lifts Tariffs, but Australia May See Limited Benefit

For many years, China was Australia's biggest customer for wine. Then Beijing bolted the doors, with punitive tariffs. Those doors have now reopened, but they will not readmit Australia's producers to the booming market they remember.

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Penfolds Launches Luxury Champagne

To mark their 180th anniversary, the Australians are launching a new champagne in collaboration with Champagne Thiénot. They are aiming to strengthen their existing luxury distribution and consolidate their French ties.

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