Brazilian Wine Giants Linked to 'Conditions Analogous to Slavery'

Three of Brazil’s biggest wineries, have been suspended by ApexBrasil, the government Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, following an operation to rescue over 200 workers from what were described as “conditions analogous to slavery”. The story could affect Brazil's ambition to boost wine exports. Alexandra Corvo and Robert Joseph report.

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Who’s Who in Brazil

Despite the impact of Covid 19, this giant South American market has recorded the highest growth over the last year. Marcelo Capello, Brazil's leading wine commentator provides insights into the people who make this happen.

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As elsewhere, Brazilians are drinking wine during lockdown. But more of them are turning to WhatsApp for their supply. Felicity Carter reports.

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Less than a decade ago, there were high hopes for the so-called BRIC markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Since then, China has boomed, Russia is improving, India is still difficult, and Brazil remains promising. It has a wine-loving population, but economic challenges. James Lawrence speaks to experts who work in the market.

Brazil’s wine market

Value may be down, but volumes are up, which Christian Burgos takes as a sign that wine is now part of Brazilian life.