Cracking the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Wine Markets: Insider Tips

Getting a wine listed in the Nordic monopolies can be challenging ― but there are tips and tricks to make the process easier. Felicity Carter heard some good advice.

Reading time: 5m 30s

Can the Nordic Monopolies Turn the Drinks World Green?

Scandinavia’s five alcohol monopolies have launched a joint program to combat climate change. Petri Pellinen considers its practicality.

Reading time: 12m

Finland: Understanding the Finnish Wine Market

Finland is a beer drinking country where craft ales are currently booming. Nearly half - 47% - of all alcohol consumed is beer, compared to just 19% for wine. But wine is fighting for its place. Petri Pellinen reports. 

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Finland goes wild for natural wine

The recent Helsinki Natural Wine festival had to cope with media scepticism about natural wines before it had even opened. But, reports Ilkka Sirén, the Finns voted with their feet.

Writers of Finland

Finland not only has a growing wine scene, but it has also produced a number of notable wine communicators. Ilkka Sirén reports.

Major distributors in Finland

The coldest country in the Nordics has an alcohol monopoly, says Ilkka Sirén. But its on-trade needs wine too, and that’s where the distributors come in.

100 years of wine in Finland

Wine consumers in Europe’s cold north are navigating their way through big brands, a big monopoly, and vibrant restaurant wine lists, reports Ilkka Sirén.

Some advice on working in Finland

The Republic of Finland, situated on the same latitude as Alaska and Siberia, has warm summers and 100 days of freezing-cold winters, which suggests a good market for strong red wine. According to the market experts consulted by James Lawrence, however, the market situation is a bit more complex than that.