Chavin Opens New Markets With Innovation and Non-Alcoholic Wines

Creating wine-based, non-alcoholic products that take the category seriously has opened up new markets for Chavin, including the halal market. Felicity Carter reports.

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Two Iconic Wineries Change Ownership

The wineries Gauby and Roc des Anges in the southern French region of Roussillon have been sold to investors, some of whom are not directly involved in the industry.

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French Exports on the Decline

France is weakening in exports, with declines seen across all categories. At least the value is dropping much less than the volume of wine exported.

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Authentic Premium Wines from the Balkans

Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines, with more than 1.000 hektars own vineyards is a giant in the Balkans – but yet little known in Central Europe. Their new CEO Branka Slaveska wants to change this. A ProWein masterclass on March 10 at 2 p.m. will showcase top terroir wines from the mountains.

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Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris Attracts Over 41,000 Visitors

The first major international wine trade fair of the year was a success – and a step up from last year.

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European Bulk Wine Market: Focus on Price Limits

Current developments on the bulk wine markets: News from France, Italy and Spain.

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France Sees Dip in Wine Exports Amid Economic Challenges

France managed to export wine and spirits valued at €16.2bn in 2023, marking a decrease of one billion. Wine experienced negative growth across all categories.

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Will Brad Pitt Maintain Control of Miraval?

A court has ruled that Angelina Jolie did not have the right to 50% of the shares in the winery. However, the legal proceedings appear to be ongoing.

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France Bolsters Wine Sector with €80m Injection

The farmers' protests in France bear rich fruits – yet bureaucratic processes remain unchanged.

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