France - and Maybe Europe - Needs to Uproot Vineyards

France's wine industry now acknowledges the need to reduce the size of its vineyards.

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€60 Million for France's Organic Farmers

Amidst the crisis, organic food suffers while the French government pledges support.

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French Harvest Begins

Roussillon has commenced the French grape harvest in early August.

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France Expects Average Harvest

The French Ministry of Agriculture forecasts the 2023 harvest yields to be between 44 to 47m hectoliters. 

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Champagne Sets Yields

The Comité Champagne in Epernay has confirmed the harvest volume for 2023. Despite high quality and high demand, the yields have been decreased.

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France Gets Green Light to Distill Wine as Surplus Crisis Looms

The European Commission has given France a go-ahead to distil wine surpluses, with final consultations still underway.

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Gérard Bertrand and the Renaissance of Rosé and Orange Wines

Can rosé ever be considered fine wine? Gérard Bertrand not only thinks so, he launched the most expensive rosé in the world to prove it. Now he’s got his sights set on orange wine, as Robert Joseph reports.

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France: Vineyard Value is Rising - and Falling

Vineyards in France witnessed unprecedented changes in ownership in 2022, with prices fluctuating in various directions across different regions.

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Hybrids Planted in Champagne

After receiving approval in 2022, the first vineyards of the hybrid variety Voltis are being planted. The trial remains with restrictions.

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