Germany: Imports Fall

Wine imports to Germany fell to 13.3m hl in 2022 from 14.3m hl in 2021 (-6.8%). The total value decreased from €2.75bn to €2.7bn (-2%), according to preliminary figures published by the German Winegrowers' Association based on data from the Federal Statistical Office.

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Grands Chais de France to Buy German Giant Zimmermann Graeff

The French market leader Les Grands Chais de France seems set take over the German winery Zimmermann Graeff & Müller (ZGM).

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All About Sparkling Wine Consumption in Germany

Hochschule Geisenheim University and the Association of German Sparkling Wine Producers studied Germany’s sparkling wine market. How much is consumed and when—and who’s drinking it? A report by Professor Dr Gergely Szolnoki, Christoph Kiefer and  Dr Alexander Tacer.

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Germany: Happy Endings

Winegrowers satisfied with quantity and quality: According to the latest estimates of 24 October, about 9m hl of wine and must were harvested in the Germany in 2022, about 2% more than the 10-year average and 6% more than in the previous year.

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German Wine Harvest 2022 - Average Size Harvest, with Softer Wines

Around 9 mill. hl of wine and juice made it into the cellars in the 2022 wine harvest. The latest estimates by the German Winegrowers' Association from 24.10.2022 are slightly - about 2% - above the average of the last 10 years and 6% above the previous year's result.

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Germany: VDP Wines Punch Above Their Weight

VDP wineries may only represent 3% of the German market by volume, but their 10% of the value makes them very significant. It also explains the importance of  the annual Grosses Gewächs (Grand Cru) tasting. Alexandra Wrann of WEINWIRTSCHAFT takes a closer look.

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VDP White GG 2021: Wide Field of White

A good 60 white wines other than Riesling entered the lineup at the preview. This large complement to the traditional white wine GGs is far more than a marginal note of the Wiesbaden preview. Some of the wines were of a particularly high standard. Christoph Nicklas reports.

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VDP Riesling GG 2021: Walking a Fine Line

The VDP has made around 450 wines from 2017 to 2021 available for tasting. Of the 629 GGs that will be released from September 1, 2022, 380 are Rieslings. The 2021 Riesling vintage does not come close to the great 2019 vintage, nor to 2020. However, top wineries from Rheinhessen, Nahe and Pfalz offer numerous highlights. Sascha Speicher describes his impressions.

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VDP Pinot Noir GG 2021: Idig Raises the Bar for Pinot

The GG preview in Wiesbaden was again excellently organized. The top rating of 97 points was awarded to one Pinot only. Another shone with 96 points. There were seven Pinots with this rating in the 2019 vintage. In the uppermost tier, it looks like the 2020 vintage is a notch behind the 2019, but both were unquestionably two excellent years for Pinot. Sascha Speicher reports.

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