Germany: Buying Wine Via Smartphone App?

Consumers can already order all sorts of things via smartphone using numerous apps. In the wine trade, mobile applications tailored specifically for wine purchases are still rare. However, shopping via app is becoming increasingly common.

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Austria with Mixed Export Successes

Despite a slight increase in value, the exported quantity has decreased significantly.

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The ProWein Report. Smaller Numbers, but High Quality Visitors

The 30th edition of ProWein was less of a celebration than the organisers might have wished, thanks to difficulties created by German airline and railway workers.

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Deutsches Weintor: The Blue Fish Wine Series

More than 500 winegrower families in the cooperative Deutsches Weintor – the Gateway to German Wine – have joined forces on some 750 hectares of vineyards to produce top-class wines, including the excellent collection known as Blue Fish.

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Consumer Crisis: Trend or Shock?

Wine sales are falling worldwide, but since when? Is it the result of a long-term trend or just an acute shock due to the global economic situation? Figures on trends and exceptions.

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An Overview of ProWein 2024

Much has changed in recent years: a new matchmaking app for smartphones has been introduced, limited free Wi-Fi is now available, and the admission tickets for Messe Düsseldorf no longer include public transportation. Here's a brief overview.

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Discover Düsseldorf's Nightlife: Our ProWein Evening Event Guide

From morning until late afternoon, the ProWein days are dedicated to discovery, negotiation, and networking. Afterward, it's time to relax by participating in one of the many Wine & Dine opportunities, joining a champagne tasting, or perhaps visiting a fine restaurant with an extensive wine list. Here are some exciting suggestions from Wolfgang Fassbender.

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Turbulent Times for German Wine Producers

German consumers are still drinking plenty of wine — but their preferences are changing. Felix Bodmann looks at the trends.

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Armenia, Organic, Champagne & More: Meininger Verlag at ProWein

Never before has the Meininger publishing house been as prominently represented at ProWein as in 2024. Meininger Verlag offers an extensive seminar program at its booth and highlights its multifaceted expertise in wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages across three tasting zones. And on the day before the fair, the company kicks off the major industry gathering in Düsseldorf with Meininger’s Wine Conference and the Meininger Award.

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