Wines of Romania @ ProWein Düsseldorf

During March 19-21, 2023, ProWein Düsseldorf, the world’s leading trade fair for wines and spirits, will reopen its gates to visitors. Romania, a country with a long and established wine culture, will be present at this forthcoming edition with 13 of its top wineries and a distillates producer of Vodka and Gin, in Pavilion 12D10.

Southeast Europe: Volumes Less Affected by Drought Than Expected

Hungary drops slightly, Romania and Bulgaria gain. Greek volumes remain to be confirmed.

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RAW-mania: Organic Wine from Romania

From mass producer to premium wines to purveyor of hip natural wine - is Romania making the leap into the 21st wine century? Alexandra Wrann reports.

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Wines of Romania

Romania, a country with a long and established wine culture, at ProWein.

Romania’s turning point

EU funding has encouraged dozens of wineries to spring up in a short time. What are their chances of success? Felicity Carter goes to find out.

Romania’s Robin Hood

Caroline Gilby MW participates in the ROvinHUd wine fair in Romania, which is set up and run by members of the disability rights charity Ceva de Spus.