South Africa's 2024 Harvest Is a Small One

It's a smaller harvest, but South Africa is in balance.

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The International Bulk Wine Market: South Africa's Prices Rise 

Price swings on the international bulk wine market.

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South Africa's Wine Exports Decline Significantly

South Africa's wine exports experienced a 17% decrease in 2023. However, in terms of export value, they held their ground, remaining affordable for international buyers.

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South Africa Has a Historically Small Harvest

South Africa experienced a cool harvest season that resulted in low volumes for the 2023 vintage.

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Nordic Monopolies Struggle with Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is becoming as significant a topic as environmental responsibility. But defining it, and establishing where to place responsibility, is proving particularly difficult for Nordic monopolies. Petri Pellinen and Robert Joseph report.

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Inside South Africa’s Increasingly Impressive Wine Tourism Industry

From restorative tourism to revitalising rural areas, Mariëtte du Toit-Helmbold has seen it all. She tells Felicity Carter what’s going on in South Africa.

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South Africa: From Cheap Bulk Wine to Excellent Top Wines

South Africa's wine industry has long oscillated between cheap bulk wine and excellent top wines. Crises and successes seem to constantly accompany the South Africans. Clemens Gerke reports.

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South Africa: Green, But Not Organic

Despite all the fashion and greenwashing accusations, the basic idea of sustainability implies that companies cannot afford not to be there in the long run. In its approach to sustainability, South Africa is very different from Europe. 

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South African Wineries Focus on Sustainability at CapeWine

Following the cancellation of the last CapeWine because of the pandemic, it has been four years since the last event. The South African wine industry's leading trade show reveals the dynamism of the sector. In 2022, sustainability was the main theme of the show as well as its seminars and tasting zones. Clemens Gerke reports.

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