European Bulk Wine Market: Spain Nearly out of Stock

The small 2023 harvest has left Spain with low stocks of all styles, especially white. But a normal-size crop this year should remedy the situation. Despite the shortages, red wine prices are still falling, thanks to poor demand.

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Agreement on Short-Time Work at Freixenet

Freixenet and employee representatives have reached an agreement; short-time work will be implemented for the workforce in Catalonia.

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Frost and Hail Wreak Havoc on Europe's Vineyards

Late frost in April caused damage to Europe's largest wine-producing nations. Then, on 1st May, a hailstorm struck Chablis, with devastating consequences.

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Freixenet in Clash with Catalan Government

The Spanish wine giant wants to put 600 of its employees on short-time working. The Catalan government says it can't. 

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Freixenet Furloughs 615 Workers

The drop in production due to the small harvest has prompted the cava giant to take drastic measures.

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Pedro Ferrer is the New President of the Spanish Wine Federation

The Freixenet representative has been elected as the new president of the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV). In his inaugural speech, he criticizes the current climate of debate regarding wine."

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European Bulk Wine Market: Spain is Running Dry

The impact of low harvest volumes is beginning to be felt in the Spanish bulk wine market.

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Cava Records a Mixed 2023

Around two thirds of cava was exported. Germany was by far the most important market, with premium qualities remaining in a niche.

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Freixenet's New Sparkling Wines Straight from the Tank

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Freixenet's "Cordon Negro" brand, Henkell Freixenet is undergoing extensive revisions. Alongside a brand redesign, the Freixenet logo is also receiving an update.

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