Loosen Joins the Place de Bordeaux

The top Mosel producer enters the Bordeaux marketplace, joining a growing number of "beyond Bordeaux" wines.

Reading time: 45s

Accolade In Negotiations

The Australians from Accolade Wines are reportedly negotiating with both Pernod Ricard and Australian Vintage.

Reading time: 30s

Greek Wine Cellars Extends Its Portfolio

GWC takes over the exclusive distribution of Limnos Organic Wines.

Reading time: 1m

The Top 10 New World Wineries

Some of the biggest wineries in the world are headquartered in North America and Australia. Here are 10 of the biggest.

Reading time: 4m 15s

Amazon Proves an Alternative Route to Market in Germany

Amazon’s lack of focus on the wine sector has made the platform an attractive option for German distributors who have learned how to exploit it. Felix Bodmann explains.

Reading time: 4m

Spanish Disagreements Are Hurting Sales on the US Market

Spain’s wines are better than ever, but their sales in the US market don’t reflect this. Jeff Siegel asks why Spain can’t get out of the lower segments.

Reading time: 5m 15s

Devil's Advocate: Distributors Are Saturated. What Should Producers Do?

Robert Joseph offers some advice for producers looking for distribution in a saturated market.

Reading time: 2m 20s

Devil's Advocate - Wine Producers and Supermarkets: an Unbalanced Relationship

When wine producers rely on big supermarkets to sell their wine, do they pause to consider whether those retailers share their business aspirations?

Reading time: 4m 15s

U.S. Consolidation Means Fewer Opportunities for Wineries

As distributors get bigger, they require brands with bigger volumes to service their markets. This will reduce opportunities for small-to-medium-sized wine producers. Liza B. Zimmerman reports.

Reading time: 4m