EU Parliament Imposes Sustainable Wine Packaging

The European Parliament has approved a new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation. Now it awaits the EU Council's final endorsement.

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The EU Generates €52bn in Tax Revenue From the Wine Industry

The wine industry contributes €130 bn to the EU's gross domestic product (GDP). While it represents only 0.8% of the EU’s total GDP, it accounts for almost half (47.9%) of the entire EU primary sector, including agriculture, forestry and fisheries.  

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France Bolsters Wine Sector with €80m Injection

The farmers' protests in France bear rich fruits – yet bureaucratic processes remain unchanged.

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New EU Directive Mandates a Dedicated Cancellation-Button

A new EU consumer protection directive requires online retailers to provide a specific button for the cancellation function. This directive will be effective from mid-2026.

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EU Support: Missed Opportunities

The EU supports winemakers through National Support Programs (NSP) with two main goals: increasing competitiveness and achieving environmental standards. But has it been successful?

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Devil’s Advocate: New EU Labelling Rules; a Spoonful of Sugar and a Pinch of Salt

The new EU labelling laws will compel producers to reveal whether they have sweetened their wines. Robert Joseph welcomes the move – with reservations.

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EU Commission Specifies Last-Minute Changes to Labeling Guidelines

Mandatory ingredient information on labels causes discontent in the industry.

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A Universal Code

The development of a new encoding standard for Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) is geared towards producing adaptable barcodes. This initiative is expected to facilitate the embedding of comprehensive product details for wine consumers.

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Inadequate Environmental Conditions for EU Funding

The European Court of Auditors has sharply criticized the distribution of EU subsidies for viticulture in a special report.

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