Building a National Wine Brand

With over 60 countries represented at ProWein, the challenge facing less well-known ones like Moldova, is how to make their voices heard. Meininger's associate editor, Robert Joseph takes part in a discussion at ProWein.

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Moldova: should it use birds like these to build a national image?
Moldova: should it use birds like these to build a national image?

Meininger’s associate editor, Robert Joseph, will join Wojciech Bońkowski, Poland’s new Master of Wine and Eastern Europe expert Caroline Gilbey MW in a tasting and discussion of Moldova’s efforts to build its brand over the last decade. Does the answer lie in a symbol like the stork Moldova has used in marketing materials? in cultural stories? In events? In winning medals at competitions and wine critics' scores? Who are the most effective communicators? Wine experts or lifestyle writers?

Joseph, who has worked as a consultant in Moldova for much of that time knows the country well and the challenges it has faced in a crowded wine world. Among the topics raised will be the changing perception of eastern European wine and the debate over autochtonous grapes versus international ones and blends of both.

Declaration of interest: Robert Joseph provides consultancy advice to the Moldovan wine industry 

ProWein - the Forum, Hall 13, Monday 20th March, 16.00 



Meininger Verlag has prepared an extensive programme in Halls 1 and 4. In addition to master classes at the stand in Hall 4, there will be two tasting zones, one featuring award winners from the MUNDUS VINI wine competition, and the other in the new World of Zero section. And of course, the Meininger International Conference on Sustainability and the Meininger's Award both take place on the eve of the fair.

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