New Hall Concept for ProWein 2025

ProWein is downsizing by two halls, with online registration for exhibitors now open.

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ProWein is introducing a new concept (Photo: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann)
ProWein is introducing a new concept (Photo: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann)

With two fewer halls, narrower aisles, and hotel partnerships, ProWein is serious about its renewal announcements. The most noticeable change for the 2025 edition is the new hall layout: there will be only eleven halls instead of the previous thirteen. Halls 13 and 14, which recently hosted exhibitors from overseas and parts of Europe, will be eliminated.

"Under the motto 'Discover The Taste of Tomorrow,' we are launching into the future with a new look and feel and tailored concepts. The central element is the condensed layout of the eleven ProWein exhibition halls. In the best interest of our exhibitors and visitors from around the world, we will make ProWein much more compact, similar to its pre-pandemic structure," explains Peter Schmitz, Director of ProWein. Here is the new hall structure:

  • Hall 1 and 4: Germany
  • Hall 5: ProSpirits
  • Hall 7.0: Trendshow ’same but different’
  • Hall 9: Portugal & other European countries
  • Hall 10: France
  • Hall 11: Spain
  • Hall 12: Overseas
  • Halls 15 and 16: Italy
  • Hall 17: Greece & Austria

The new layout is partly due to the decline in the number of exhibitors from France. The French halls were quite sparsely occupied in 2024, with about 200 fewer French exhibitors this year, according to the fair. This decrease can be attributed to increased competition from the competitor Wine Paris/Vinexpo Paris. However, as Schmitz said, the new layout also represents a return to pre-pandemic levels. In order to comply with COVID-19 conditions, the aisles were significantly expanded in 2022, marking the first ProWein in two years. Some aisles were widened up to 6 meters. Now, the aisles are being compressed back to 3–4 meters, according to the fair's statement to Meininger's.

ProWein is reducing the halls to pre-pandemic levels (Photo: Messe Düsseldorf)
ProWein is reducing the halls to pre-pandemic levels (Photo: Messe Düsseldorf)


Just a few weeks ago, the fair announced its redesign. Alongside a new visual identity, this included a promise to engage in discussions with hotels in Düsseldorf to address the often-raised criticism of excessively high hotel prices. The first discussions have now taken place. According to the recently launched exhibitor presentation, about 30 hotels have shown interest in collaborating – offering exclusive deals and rates for ProWein visitors and exhibitors. These hotels, as confirmed by ProWein in conversation with Weinwirtschaft, will be recommended to visitors and exhibitors on the fair's website as part of the collaboration.

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The ProWein must once again take the initiative to avoid falling behind. A commentary by Clemens Gerke.

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„Only ProWein offers a comprehensive overview of the global wine and spirits industry. That's something we're proud of! However, year by year, the challenges for the industry are increasing. To ensure that you can continue to increase your sales and conduct business efficiently, we are now renewing ProWein for you in many areas," says Director Peter Schmitz in the current exhibitor brochure.

Recently, the exhibitor registration has opened. From now on, exhibitors from all over the world can register for the upcoming ProWein, with the deadline set for June 30th. The approval process and the specific allocation of halls will continue until the end of September 2024. AW



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