ProWein 2024: Aiming for Over 50,000 Visitors

More than 50,000 visitors, adjustments to the hall concept and innovative themes - as reported by our sister publication WEINWIRTSCHAFT, ProWein's 30th edition will introduce some changes.

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Plans for ProWein 2024 (Photo: ProWein)
Plans for ProWein 2024 (Photo: ProWein)

Slight increase in visitor numbers

ProWein is expecting more than 50,000 visitors in 2024, according to Germany's Federal Association of German Wineries, whose latest newsletter provides a brief summary of the last advisory board meeting, and an early insight into the trade fair format for 2024. 

ProWein is expecting a small increase in numbers, In 2023, a total of around 49,000 visitors from 141 countries travelled to Düsseldorf. The previous visitor record was  in 2019, when 61,500 wine professionals came to the fair. "We are doing everything we can to build on the glittering anniversary event in 2019 and continue the inimitable success story of ProWein. The pandemic was yesterday - today the future begins", Peter Schmitz, Director ProWein, told WEINWIRTSCHAFT. 

Adapted hall concept

Initial information is also being provided on hall planning. There are to be "some changes", the details of which are not yet known. What is certain, however, is that Germany will once again be in Halls 1 and 4. 

Demand from exhibitors is described as satisfactory, especially from overseas companies and organisations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Eastern Europe as well as in the spirits sector where response to the event is 'positive'. According to the fair organisers, initial hesitation from German or French exhibitors, who may have wanted to check out Wine Paris, has now turned into many firm commitments.

Nevertheless: "In general, like other trade fair organisers, we are noticing that the decision to participate in a trade fair is being made later and later," says Peter Schmitz. The problem of rising costs is apparently making itself felt here, and there is talk of "increasingly sensitive financial considerations". Rising costs are clearly making long- or even medium-term planning difficult for many companies. Further price increases for exhibitors or visitors are not planned for 2024, according to ProWein.

 Trend themes such as alcohol-free will also be in the spotlight again in 2024 (Photo: ProWein)
 Trend themes such as alcohol-free will also be in the spotlight again in 2024 (Photo: ProWein)

Tested, enlarged and improved

The concept of wider aisles, tested during the pandemic and successfully repeated this year, is to be retained. For visitors ,this means a much more relaxed navigation through the individual halls. There are also plans to continue investing in technology: The wifi in the halls, which in some places has not always been 100 percent reliable, will be more stable

The fair organisers confirm that in 2024, fashionable themes will once again be a focus of attention, including the non-alcoholic category under the title 'zero@ProWein', which, with a larger area, will once again be as popular a feature of Hall 1 as it is becoming in the market. The topic of packaging - of especial interest to businesses looking to be more environmentally sustainable - is also to be given more space next year The Spirits World, previously in Hall 13, is now to move to Hall 5 in order to get more focus there as well.

In 2024, ProWein will celebrate its 30th birthday - although it will not be the 30th edition, as the pandemic caused an interruption in 2020 and 2021. Even so, the fair wants to celebrate the anniversary with a number of activities, details of which will soon be announced. AW



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