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Düsseldorf hosts the largest and most important wine trade fair in the world. But how often do the corks actually pop in the Champagne Lounge? A numerical foray into the ProWein world.

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(Photo: Maxim/, generated with AI)
(Photo: Maxim/, generated with AI)

 43 soccer fields
The Messe Düsseldorf trade fair arena covers an area of 305,727 square metres – that’s roughly the size of 43 soccer fields.

                                                           119 vehicles 

The Messe Düsseldorf trade fair arena has a large fleet made up of 119 vehicles. It includes 41 forklifts, 37 hydraulic ramps, eight Sprinters, eight forklift trucks, eight bridges, three 16-ton lorries with a total of 12 trailers, and two special vehicles for the gallery. A suitable vehicle for every area of use!

Roughly 550 power outlets are required per trade fair hall. 


 12 departments
12 departments of the Messe Düsseldorf are involved in the organisation of the ProWein exhibition (beginning with Project Management, and including Stand Construction, Logistics, Protocol and Marketing.)

                                                 63 foreign representatives

From Argentina to Venezuela: 63 foreign representatives are in operation for ProWein, all over the world, on every continent, and they are on site to support exhibitors and visitors from their various countries. Overall, the Messe Düsseldorf is represented by 77 foreign representatives in 140 countries, as well as six subsidiaries and participations.


     13 exhibition halls
There are a total of 18 exhibition halls – ProWein utilises 13 of them.

 10km of ventilation pipes
There are 10km of ventilation pipes within the supporting structure underneath the hall ceilings – that ensures that all of the air in every hall is completely replaced with fresh air every 20 minutes.

                                                                                                         40,000 kilometres 

If you want to travel all the way around the world, you have to cover more than 40,000 kilometres. At ProWein, it’s only 2.3 kilometres – you need just 4 minutes to get from Italy to Chile.

1.2 and 1.5m glasses  

A team of over 300 employees ensures that at ProWein between 1.2 and 1.5m glasses are properly washed and returned clean to the stands daily.

 20 cameras
The traffic situation on the access routes to ProWein is monitored by up to 20 cameras and shown on several monitors in a designated room. As soon as congestion develops, countermeasures can be implemented.


 72 hours 

All of the stands for the ProWein exhibitors are built within 72 hours – and there are well over 5,000 of them!  Dismantling goes a bit faster, in about 48 hours


 1m visitors --- In the 30-year history of the trade fair, ProWein has registered almost 1m visitors.

 We’ve had snow three times during the ProWein Trade Fair.

  7,000 pops 
During ProWein, corks pop approximately 7,000 times in the Champagne Lounge.


Much has changed in recent years: a new matchmaking app for smartphones has been introduced, limited free Wi-Fi is now available, and the admission tickets for Messe Düsseldorf no longer include public transportation. Here's a brief overview.

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