ProWein Special: Central- and Eastern Europe

Wine production, export data, consequences of the Russian war.

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Different Outcomes for East and West, Search for New Markets.

  • Production volume Bulgaria 2021 (mill. hl): 0.9 (+7%)
  • Production volume Croatia 2021 (mill. hl): 0.7 (-13%)
  • Production volume Czech Republic 2021 (mill. hl): 0.6 (+2%)
  • Production volume Georgia 2021 (mill. hl): 2.2 (+22%)
  • Production volume Hungary 2021 (mill. hl): 3,1 (+6%)
  • Production volume Moldova 2021 (mill. hl): 1.1 (+20%)
  • Production volume N. Macedonia (mill. hl) 0.91)
  • Production volume Romania 2021 (mill. hl): 5.3 (+37%)
  • Production volume Russia 2021 (mill. hl): 4.5 (+2%)
  • Production volume Slovakia 2021 (mill. hl): 0.3 (-2%)
  • Production volume Slovenia 2021 (mill. hl): 0.5 (-26%)
  • Export volume Bulgaria 2021 (hl): 49,562
  • Export volume Czech Republic 2021 (hl): 3,770
  • Export volume Hungary 2021 (hl): 101,247
  • Export volume N. Macedonia (mill. hl) 0.77)
  • Export volume Romania 2021 (hl): 36,193
  • Export volume Russia 2021 (hl): 37,000
  • Export volume Slovakia 2021 (hl): 2,727*
  • Export volume Slovenia 2021 (hl): 20,974


A line seemed to run through Eastern Europe when looking at the harvest volumes of the past year. Countries in the Western Balkans, such as Croatia and Slovenia, recorded significant losses in some cases, which was probably due to the influence of "Bernd", the low-pressure weather system, and the associated wet and cold spring and summer, as well as the storms in August 2021. Further east in Romania, Moldova and Georgia, on the other hand, significant increases in harvest volumes compared to the previous year were reported.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, not only is the wine market there virtually eliminated, but also the wine market in Russia is collapsing. In 2021, the latter was still 2% of all global wine imports, the eighth largest wine market in the world.

As a result, countries such as Georgia, which have traditionally shipped a significant share of their wine exports to Russia, will have to look for alternative export markets. In January, "Georgia Today" still reported an export of 107 mill. bottles of wine in 2021 - 359 percent more than in 2012.

Vincent Messmer
Source:, OIV, Sturmwetter blog,,
*Agridata EU export figures, August 1, 2020 - July 31, 2021

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Eastern Europe at ProWein

  • Bulgaria: German-Bulgarian AHK (11 / F12)
  • Croatia: Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE) (11 G30)
  • Georgia: Georgian Wine Association (11 A12)
  • Hungary: Agricultural Marketing Centrum (11 D20) and Villany Wine Region (11 E30)
  • Moldova: National Office for Vine and Wine (11 G12)
  • North Macedonia: Association of Wines of North Macedonia (11 B12)
  • Romania: APEV Romania The Wine Exporters and Producers (11 H21) and Premium Wines of Romania Association (11/F20)
  • Slovenia. Vinska druzba Slovenije (11 A22) and Vino Slo (11 C21)
  • Ukraine: Consulate General of Ukraine (11 A09, under reserve)
  • Armenia: Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia (11 D12)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina (11 C18)
  • Kosovo: Kosovo Investment and Enterprise-Ministry of Trade and Industry (11 D02)
  • Serbia: Development Agency of Serbia RAS (11 C12)



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