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Wine production and export data.

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  • Vineyard area 2021 (ha): 798,000Production volume 2021 (mill. hl): 37.6 (-19%; 2020: 46.9)
  • Wine-growing enterprises: 59,000
  • Export volume 2021 (mill. hl): 14.64 (+7.85%; 2020: 13.57)
  • Export value 2021 (bill. €): 11.08 (+27.73%; 2020: 8.74), 1/3 comprised champagne
  • Domestic consumption per capita (liters per year) 2020: 46

Production volume

In 2020, the production volume was in the upper average range. This has boosted exports. The outlook for the 2021 harvest, on the other hand, is less good. Due to late frosts and an excessively wet early summer, creating mildew pressure in some regions, production volumes fell by 19%. The bulk wine market reacted accordingly with price increases, especially for the sought-after white wines.

Export volume

France's global wine exports increased by 7.85% in 2021 compared to 2020. In particular, the taxes lifted by President Biden in mid-March and mid-June 2021, albeit for an initial period of 5 years, have again boosted export volumes to the USA.

The most important export country for the French remains Germany, at least in terms of volume (2.17 mill. hl in 2021, -3.4%). Even though exports have been steadily declining since 2019, it is still in pole position just ahead of the U.S. (2.05 mill. hl in 2021, +27.3%), followed by the U.K., whose export volumes are declining yet is still in third place (1.63 mill. hl in 2021, -8.92%). Singapore (+23.88%), Denmark (+21.73%), Italy (10.23%) and China (+9.43%, albeit after a drop of 23.87% compared to 2019) also made significant gains.

Export value

In terms of export value, the USA leads clearly (+ 44.1%) with € 2.07 bill. Great Britain remains in second place (€1.43 bill., +21.83%). The value of exports to Germany also increased significantly (€815 mill. in 2021, +11.45%); probably a clear signal of the ‘better-drinking-at-home’ trend during the Corona lockdowns, of which champagne sales represent the lion's share. The biggest growth after the USA was achieved by Italy, with an increase of 42.52%.

Iris Trenkner-Panwitz
Sources: French Ministry of Agriculture and Food; Business France, OIV

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