ProWein Special: Spain and Portugal

Wine production, consumption and export data.

Spain and Portugal are located in Halls 13 and 14 at ProWein.

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Much Sold, But Less Harvested

  • Vineyard surface 2021 (ha): 964,000 (+0.4%)
  • Production volume 2021 (mill. hl): 35.3 (-14%)
  • Export volume 2021 (mill. hl): 23.36 (+13.2%)
  • Export value 2021 (bill €): 2.883 (+9.5%)
  • Domestic consumption 2021 (mill. hl): 10.5 (+9.9%) 

The country with the world's largest vineyard area also became the world's most traded wine origin (by volume) in 2021, overtaking Italy. However, the harvest volume in 2021 was significantly lower than in the previous year, displacing Spain from first place among the world's wine producing countries by Italy. Spain now occupies third place, the wine production being 8% below its last five-year average. Storms and frosts in spring 2021, as well as strong mildew pressure in some regions, are responsible for the lower harvest.

Domestic wine consumption recovered from the plunge during the Corona pandemic and is close to pre-pandemic levels. Thanks to a cooler 2021, producers expect very good qualities, but with lower volumes. Prices could rise as a result.

Vincent Messmer
Source: Agencia tributaria, Foods and wines from Spain, OEMV, OIVE, OIV


International Demand

  • Vineyard surface 2021 (ha): 194,000 (-0.2%)
  • Production volume 2021 (mill. hl): 7.36 (+14%)
  • Yield 2021 (hl/ha): 38.3
  • Export volume 2021 (mill. hl): 3.3 (+4%)
  • Export value 2021 (mill. €): 900 (+8%)
  • Domestic consumption 2021 (mill. hl): 4.6 (-0.6%)

Portugal's wine exports have continued to grow in recent years, both in terms of volume and value. The wine production level is the highest recorded since 2006, and the fact that Portugal's harvest volume was 14% higher than last year's should please producers, also in view of rising demand.

The most important export countries are Canada, Brazil, the USA, Great Britain and France, where the largest Portuguese diaspora is to be found. Germany and the Netherlands, with a share of Portuguese wine exports of 5.6% by value, occupy 6th place in this ranking.

About 370 exhibitors from Portugal will come to Düsseldorf to present themselves and the small country with the wide range of grape varieties to the international audience.

Simon Werner
Source: Instistuto da Vinha e do Vinho, OIV


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