ProWein: Two Decades of Growth

Since its launch in 1994, space, exhibitor and visitor numbers have all grown dramatically.

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Exhibitors and space
Exhibitors and space

The number of exhibitors increased more than twenty-fold since 1994, hitting a peak in 2019, before the pandemic. From the very beginning, ProWein was a strongly international trade fair, with the proportion of foreign exhibitors rising from around 70% to 85% in recent years, and up to 88% last year.

Today's net exhibition space is 25 times larger than the first edition. The last time it decreased slightly was in the pandemic year 2022, when the number of exhibitors fell. The average space per exhibitor has leveled off since the beginning from 7-9 square metres to 11 in recent years. In 2022 it was 12 square metres.

The number of visitors has also grown considerably over the years, peaking in 2019 with 61,500 visitors. 

Globalisation has been as clear a trend in the visitor statistics as in the exhibitors. In 2019, 54% came from outside Germany in 2019. Last year, the figure was 62%.




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