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In the duel between ProWein and Wine Paris, Vinitaly has sometimes been overlooked recently. However, the Italian trade fair has no need to shy away from comparison, even with international visitors.

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Number of visitors
Number of visitors

In terms of visitors, Vinitaly is by far the largest professional wine fair in the world. At the same time, the fair has successfully reduced the number of private visitors.

In 2016, it raised the price of day tickets from €60 to 80. After the pandemic, it charged €100 in 2022 and added another €20 last year.

By comparison, the ProWein day ticket costs €50.

Due to a change in the system between 2017 and 2018, the development of foreign visitors is not quite so easy to track. However, the increase in total visitors in the previous year is primarily due to the foreign audience.

Almost 30,000 international visitors are a figure on a par with ProWein. The USA accounts for the largest contingent, ahead of Germany and Great Britain.


"Vinitaly is an absolute must for us as Italian specialists. While we are there exclusively for our customers at ProWein, our attention in Verona is focussed on our producers."

Andreas Saffer

Vinitaly is certainly a trade fair with Italian flair. if you have got used to the fact over the years that the fair is actually too big for Verona and therefore hotel rooms are clearly too scarce and expensive, the journey and admission is often chaotic, too many private individuals are on the move, restaurants are not available without long advance bookings, etc., then you can enjoy the flair of the fair.

Andreas Saffer
Saffer Weine
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Vinitaly is the world's largest fair for the Italian wine industry. Veronika Crecelius reports on what's new in 2024.

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