Italy’s Export Results Are Not as Bad as Feared

Like other wine exporters, Italy is trending down — but it’s doing better than its key competitors. Veronika Crecelius reports.

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Cava Records a Mixed 2023

Around two thirds of cava was exported. Germany was by far the most important market, with premium qualities remaining in a niche.

Reading time: 1m 15s

A New China for Australia's Wine Exporters

Following the reopening of the Chinese market, Australians are facing new challenges: a smaller market, established players, and emerging trends.

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Austria with Mixed Export Successes

Despite a slight increase in value, the exported quantity has decreased significantly.

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China Ends Tariffs on Australian Wine

The Australian wine industry celebrates the reopening of its once crucial export market. In the medium term, they aim to re-establish themselves.

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French Exports on the Decline

France is weakening in exports, with declines seen across all categories. At least the value is dropping much less than the volume of wine exported.

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A Proposed Tax Is Dropped and Argentine Wineries Breathe a Sigh of Relief

With an inflation rate of 160%, the last thing Argentine producers needed was a tax increase. Daniel López Roca reports that there has been some relief.

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The World of Wines in Facts and Numbers

ProWein is all about strengthening business ties or establishing new ones. But what is the main topic of discussion for each wine-growing region right now? To help you get the conversation started at the different trade fair stands, we have compiled an overview of the most important facts for each country.

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Spain: Third-Highest Export Value Despite Crisis

Only in a single category does the Spanish export balance show a positive trend. Overall, wine exports are losing value and volume.

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