Australian Wine is in Crisis. Here’s Why

The loss of its Chinese market has come as a big blow to Australia, but as Robert Joseph reveals after studying the newly-published Wine Australia report, this is only one of its problems.

Reading time: 8m 15s

OIV: New Export and Import Champions

In the annual report on the global wine industry, the OIV highlights significant shifts taking place. Germany is no longer maintaining its position as the world's leading importer, and a new export champion from the New World has emerged. Clemens Gerke reports.

Reading time: 4m 45s 

China: Not Guilty of Causing Australia’s Wine Industry Crisis

Australian wineries have huge volumes of unsold wine. Most media coverage blames China’s swingeing punitive tariffs for this situation. But, as Dudley Brown reveals, Beijing’s responsibility for the situation is quite limited.

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Falling French Consumption Drives Rhône Valley Wine to Focus on Exports

Climate change, inflation, and falling wine consumption are all challenging the Rhône Valley. Felicity Carter hears the plans for the future.

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The Wine Industry Remains Resilient

This year's OIV report takes a look into the industry's challenging state. From the USA overtaking Germany as the world's largest wine importer, to China's wine market continuing its decline. With a focus on supply chain disruptions, inflation, and sustainability, the wine industry is resilient and ready to face the future.

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Cava Producer Numbers Down, but Cava Exports are up

Cava exports increased in volume and value. Retail continues to drive the category. Surprisingly, some markets experienced rapid growth.

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Italy: Cooperatives Lead Exports

Italian cooperatives outperform domestic industry in exports.

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From Auckland to Vienna: Meet Chris Yorke, Leading Austria’s Wine Export Expansion

Chris Yorke sits down to talk about what’s driving the growing demand for Austrian wine and wine tourism.

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France's Wine Exports Rise in Value

Given inflation, the joy about the big gains in the industry is restrained.

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