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Bernard Magrez
Bernard Magrez

In 1960, he had the opportunity to buy a port trading company at a good price. He renamed it „William Pitters“ and turned the name into a very successful brand. During this time, Bernard Magrez also visited the United States. He saw the rapid growth supermarkets were experiencing due to their self-service concept. It was clear to him that this kind of shopping concept would also gain ground in Europe, and that self-service consumers will choose products that not only seem attractive to them, but that also offer reliable and consistent quality. Under the name Malesan, he brought a Bordelaise wine brand on the market, which proved him right: it was these kinds of reliable and reasonably priced wines many consumers were looking for. The success achieved with the William Pitters port and the Malesan wine made it possible for Bernard Magrez to purchase four large Bordelaise chateaux in the 1980s, including the Château Pape Clément in Pessac. Here, one of the great Grands Crus Classés of the Bordeaux region is produced. In the 13th century, the chateau’s vineyards were planted for the first time by Bertrand de Goth, who was elected as pope in 1305. As such, he was named Clément V – hence the chateau’s name. His excellent wines now constitute an important part of the Magrez business, which currently owns 35 wineries throughout the world. The company’s fate no longer rests in the hands of Bernard Magrez alone. His son Philippe Magrez and his sister Cécile Daquin have since joined the family business, and the General Director Philippe Rives has been with the company since 1983. Together, in good company tradition, they have quickly recognised the new trend of the times: wine-tourism will play an increasingly larger role for the wine regions. From a small tasting tour through the Château Pape Clément for 10 Euros to a luxury stay with a helicopter and a Rolls Royce, everything is possible – and a perfect fit for the wine portfolio!

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Bernard Magrez SAS

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