Casa Vinicola Sartori – custom-made quality from Verona

Casa Vinicola Sartori – custom-made quality from Verona
Casa Vinicola Sartori – custom-made quality from Verona

A speciality of Sartori was to create wines for their customers entirely based on the customer’s wishes, which would be confirmed by their signature on their personal barrel. Today, customers from all over the world still receive from the Sartori family individual, elegant wines from Casa Sartori in the Verona region, as well as other areas of Italy. 

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What does a trattoria owner do who wants to present his guests with wines which meet his standards of quality as closely as possible? He buys a vineyard and makes his own! That’s what Pietro Sartori did in 1898. His son Regolo, who was born that same year, was a natural, passionate wine expert and later took over the business. With hard work and enthusiasm, he earned the company great respect. Today, the Sartoris (the name means “tailor”) still see themselves as providing a bespoke service. Every wine is carefully created like a fine suit of clothes before being sent onto the international “catwalk”, where the wines reflect the authentic essence of Verona.

Pierumberto and Franco, the two young sons of Regolo Sartori, who died at just 54, developed the business in a farsighted way in the 1960s and built up the export business. At the end of the 1990s, as the next generation took over in the form of the brothers Andrea, Luca and Paolo Sartori, Cantina di Colognola ai Colli joined as an investor and allowed ambitious goals to be attained: more grapevines are available than ever before, together with huge amounts of expertise and passion. The focus remains on Veronese wines from Amarone and Valpolicella to Bardolino and Soave (after all, the company motto is “di Verona”).

Image removed. The Regolo Rosso Veronese IGT is perhaps the most personal and most characteristic product. But Sartori has also put down roots in other regions, such as the I Saltari vineyards in Valle di Mezzane, and Mont’Albano in Friaul, which was taken over in 2008 and whose products include organic wines from DOC Friuli Grave. Since 2003, high-quality Abruzzo wines have been produced together with Tenute Cerulli Spinozzi using native grape varieties.

Tradition, culture, a committed team of vintners and vineyard areas in different regions render it possible: Throughout the world the wines are made-to-measure for the customers.



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Casa Vinicola Sartori S.p.a.

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