Cielo e Terra S.p.A. - Wines like Romeo and Juliet

Cielo e Terra S.p.A. - Wines like Romeo and Juliet
Cielo e Terra S.p.A. - Wines like Romeo and Juliet

The setting of one of the most famous love stories of the world is a castle near Verona. The Cielos live close to it, right in the heart of the Romeo and Juliet-area. Together with their family name (Cielo = heaven), this is a real obligation! And in all truth: The Cielos make wines to fall in love with.

“We firmly believe that history would have taken a different course if our wines had been available back then,” explained the Cielos with certainty. As is well known, the short novel by Luigi da Porto, which was written in 1530, and which Shakespeare used for his successful drama, ends tragically, as is fitting for a global literary bestseller. While reading the story, the best is to pour a glass of Cielo wine.

The winery is operated by the family’s fourth generation with the beautiful name. In 1908, Giovanni Cielo, a dignified-looking man with a moustache, purchased a vineyard in Montorso in the Chiampo Valley, which he had fallen in love with. His wines immediately became popular in the surrounding regions, but did not become truly successful until his oldest son Pietro, due to his unusual eloquence, convinced more and more customers of his wines in the 1930s. In 1962, the brothers Giovanni, Renzo, and Piergorgio took over and grew the vineyard to a national company. Soon, additional wine had to be purchased to meet demand. Thus, the foundation for the international expansion had been laid.

Luca and Pierpaolo Cielo represent the fourth family generation in the winery , which is also currently partner with some 2,000 contract winemakers in the DOC Colli Berici. This is a joint venture with the co-op winery Gruppo Cantine Colli Berici. A vineyard area of more than 3,000 hectares is therefore cultivated for the Cielo wines in the Veneto region alone between Vicenza and Verona. Today, Cielo e Terra is a well-known company and one of the most important wine producers in Italy. The Family owns also the Pradio estate, located in the appellation Grave del Friuli, which was purchased in the 1970s. This vineyard is used to make top artisan wines. Winemaker Bepe Bassi, who has been with the company for more than 20 years, makes fresh, juicy white wines that macerate cold and are fermented in a temperature-controlled environment. Some of the wines are finished in barriques. The red wines, however, are noteworthy. Some Pradio single vineyard wines received medals at the International Wine Prize MUNDUSvini, such as Gold Medal for the Pinot Grigio and Silver medal for the Sauvignon and the Merlot: Last year even the Prosecco Passaparola first released received a silver medal.

Image removed.The Cielo e Terra company makes great value wines such as Freschello, the best seller wine in Italy, IGT and doc wines such as Cielo and Casa Defra’ and premium wines such as Amarone and Ripasso Cent’Anni. The winery also offers other original Italian varietals like Primitivo, Sangiovese and Nero d’avola. A Merlot and a Chardonnay from organically produced grapes bear the beautiful name “Uva Bio, Bio” on their label (uva = grape).

Quality is valued and must be carefully worked for. The name Cielo e Terra (Heaven and Earth) stands for the responsibility the family feels for the environment. In the Colli Berici, sustainability and organic cultivation are pursued in order to optimize the terroir in the long run. With their “Blu” project, CO2 emissions are decreased with the help of lighter, environmentally friendly bottles. BLU especially, however, stands for social commitment in the West African country of Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries on earth. Here, wells are being built to help supply the population with water.

Romeo and Juliet would certainly have been proud of such a socially-committed company in their region. Who knows how their story would have turned out if they had shared a glass of good wine from the Veneto with their adversaries?



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