Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi

Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi
Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi

In the hilly Langhe area, the Martini family has translated its love for wine into a successful business for 65 years. In spite of its international success, the Martini family has always remained faithful to its place of origin.


The best-known sparkling wine in Italy? It is probably the Asti DOCG, a fruity, sweet prickler made from the Muscatel grape, created from fresh must in just one fermentation process, which is interrupted at a precise time. Piedmont is also famous for other wines, the great red ones such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Dolcetto, as well as great whites.

The brothers Secondo and Luigi Martini, who founded their wine cellar business in 1947, were enthusiastic about the wines grown in their home region and worked with a punctual mission: to give everybody the chance to enjoy wine as the people from Piedmont do, with great quality and value for money. Gianni Martini, Secondo’s son and actual president of the company, joined the company in 1972. His dream was to conquer the international markets with his products. Gianni succeeded Secondo‘s dream, travelled the world untiringly and made many good contacts. Since the entrance of Gianni Martini into the company the winery already has been enlarged. Now, with the new chapter ofImage removed. Gianni with his daughter and the increasing business, new projects are worked on. The consistent growth required a new building, and investments into the company’s offices in Cossano Belbo. The cellar company, built in accordance with the “open architecture” concept, which integrates natural and technical elements, is an eye-catcher. The “taste-bud catchers” are the wines which embody modern Italy, including the very successful Canti brand, a contemporary line of wines, and which also includes, among others, a Prosecco and an Asti DOCG. The Canti Line is sold in 52 countries, and it is the ambassador of Italian style worldwide. In August 2011, the first Canti Prosecco Bar opened at Harrod‘s, a concept store for an Italian experience. In addition to the Sant’Orsola wines, the company also offers some other product lines such as “35° Parallelo”, „Il Cortigiano“ and “Collezione Marchesini”.

The Martini family also owns four premium estates: Cascina lo Zoccolaio in Barolo, La Toledana and Cascina Doria in Gavi and Villa Lanata in Cossano Belbo. Eighty-five percent of the production goes to export markets. Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi S.p.A. is one of Italy‘s most successful family-owned cellar companies. Some of its success can be contributed to the many years of good collaboration with more than 1000 grape suppliers, who are subject to strict quality criteria. In spite of its very international orientation and global reach, the Martinis have preserved the tradition of an Italian family. Consequently, the start of Gianni Martini’s daughter Eleonora in the business, just as it is in every winery, is an historic moment, which her parents are proudly calling the start of a hopeful new era.



Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi S.p.A.

Loc. S. Bovo, Via Statale 26
12054 Cossano Belbo (CN)

Tel.: +39 0141 837211
Fax: +39 0141 837204

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