Kilikanoon - a clear vision

Kilikanoon - a clear vision
Kilikanoon - a clear vision
Kevin Mitchell has been familiar with the Kilikanoon terroir since he was a child. His father Mort nurtured the estate for decades, Kevin played here as a child and as a young man helped his father in the vineyards.

When he returned to the beautiful South Australian Clare Valley as a trained oenologist, he had a clear vision: he wanted to start his own winery and make his own wines. In 1997, he had the opportunity to buy the Kilikanoon estate. And then Kevin Mitchell got going. 

They produced 2,000 bottles from the 1997 vintage using grapes from the two vineyards owned by Kevin and his father Mort and created four wines: Mort’s Block Riesling, Prodigal Grenache, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Shiraz. In the years that followed, Kevin Mitchell and his partners expanded the operation by continuously purchasing additional vineyards. Nothing has changed about the quality requirements and the careful work methods since his start in 1997, only the quantities. More than 600,000 bottles of Kilikanoon were produced in 2012, mainly from the finest fruit from the vineyards of the Kilikanoon Group, which now owns over 1,200-hectares of vineyards in the best wine regions of South Australia. Kevin Mitchell’s philosophy was, and continues to be, to make wine from the best grapes, regardless of where they grow. Accordingly, he also produces sparkling wine in cooperation with the Maison Greffe in Vouvray along the Loire River, and Syrah along the Rhône River in cooperation with the Cave de Tain. 

On the international scene, the wines from Kilikanoon have repeatedly drawn attention and received many awards, culminating in the recent Winery of the Year award from James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion, Australia’s most important wine publication. As a result, the young company has been able to grow relatively quickly. Currently, Kilikanoon is exporting to more than 25 countries. 

This is not the work of one person. Kevin Mitchell is supported by his wife Kathleen, who is also from a winegrowing family in the Clare Valley. The two have four children, but non-relatives become like family when sharing a similar passion. In 2001, Kevin Mitchell partnered with Nathan Waks, then principal cellist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, John Harding, then Concertmaster of the Sydney Symphony, and Bruce Baudinet, an experienced manager. These vastly different careers came together at Kilikanoon for the enjoyment of and the passion for wine.

Damien Mannix, who works in the Kilikanoon cellar, gets to the heart of the matter: “If you find a job you love, then you’ll never work another day in your life.”



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