Werner Anselmann Estate - excellence in the Palatinate

Werner Anselmann Estate - excellence in the Palatinate
Werner Anselmann Estate - excellence in the Palatinate

The Werner Anselmann Estate is considered one of the best-performing, family-owned vineyards in Palatine. The family’s goal is to make a contribution to the appreciation of German wine throughout the world.

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International and national awards impressively confirm the quality of the Anselmann wines. In 2010, the family received the Bundesehrenpreis in Gold [German Award] by the Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture, and Consumer Protection, as well as the title “Winemaker of the Year”, which is awarded by the DLG, the German Agricultural Society.

The vineyard is situated in a picturesque location on the edge of the historic winemaking village Edesheim in Southern Palatine. The family has been actively involved in the wine business here for many generations. Through the marriage between Werner Anselmann and Inge Schreiner, two estates steeped in tradition were joined under the name “Werner Anselmann Vineyard”. Today the siblings Gerd, Ralf, and Ruth Anselmann are running the company.

Dipl. Ing. agrar. Gerd Anselmann developed a vivid interest in grapes and wine early on in his life and remained true to this passion by studying agriculture. When his father passed away, it was clear to Gerd that he would take responsibility for the vineyard and the cellar even while he was still in college. During this time, he set the path for the future development of the estate, increased the vineyard area, and invested in the cellar equipment. Together with his wife Britta, who runs the idyllic wine tavern “Brunnenterrasse” in the summer, he organizes events at the vineyard such as the Christmas Market. He shows his commitment to voluntary work in his capacity as the federal chair of the Lions Club International.

Image removed.As soon as Chartered Agricultural Engineer ( Dipl. Ing. Agrar). Ralf Anselmann completed his university studies at the renowned Hohenheim University, he took over important areas of responsibility such as the support of major customers and the export. Today, the vineyard ships to more than 25 countries. Ralf Anselmann, like his siblings, has an excellent sense of taste and is highly appreciated as a member of the jury for international wine competitions. He uses this in-depth expertise of the international world of wine to always direct the vineyard’s production toward the needs of his customers. His passion for wine and his love for details make him a competent and valuable point of contact for journalists and wine enthusiasts.

Businesswoman Ruth Anselmann studied business administration at the University of Mannheim. Due to her diploma thesis about online media, she developed the vineyard’s website. Ruth Anselmann enjoys taking care of the guests at wine trade shows such as “ProWein” and many other presentations domestically and internationally. At the vineyard, she and mother Inge organise sales. For 362 days of the year, wine lovers can sample and purchase the wine at the popular wine pavilion and in the cosy sampling hut.

At events such as the “Athletics Ball” or the “Bambi” award ceremony, and during after-show parties of popular TV shows, Gerd, Ralf, and Ruth Anselmann usually advertise their wines together. In 2012, the Werner Anselmann Vineyard was the exclusive wine provider of the German House during the Olympics and the Paralympics in London. After the Olympics in Sydney, Athens, and Beijing, it was the fourth time that Anselmann wines or sparkling wines have been offered in the German House.

The siblings receive support and motivation from their mother Inge and spouses Britta and Isabel. And the next generation is already in the starting blocks. Four sons and two daughters are still attending school, but they are all showing a lot of interest in the family’s vineyard.

Image removed.Today, almost 130 hectares of vineyard area is cultivated. The variety philosophy is based on three columns. One column is formed by the traditional varieties such as Riesling, Burgundy or Pinot Noir. The second column consists of the internationally known grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon blanc. These varieties thrive in the right areas in Palatine, something Gerd Anselmann has proven again and again with his award-winning wines. The third column consists of new, robust varieties, which titillate the senses, and that were created through rigorous plant breeding and research, such as the Cabernet blanc, for example, which the vineyard was able to celebrate with its great successes.

The variety of its portfolio and the numerous grape varieties and flavours go hand-in-hand with consistently high quality. Anselmann wines often receive awards at recognised wine competitions. A particular highlight in 2010 was the award of the “Goldener Bundesehrenpreis” and the title “winemaker of the year”. In 2011, the Sauvignon blanc received the “Gold” at the international wine competition “Vinitaly” as the best dry white wine. In 2011, the vineyard was also honoured by the DLG for the “Best Collection - Dry White Wine”, and in 2012, the family won more than 100 gold medals at international tastings in Paris, Madrid, Monaco, Budapest, and Vienna.



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