Families of Wine

Extraordinary stories about successful families working together in wine from the world’s most famous viticultural regions. 

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Families of wine
Families of wine

Many internationally recognised wine estates and producers are family-owned and operated. Most of these are medium-sized businesses that came into being thanks to the pioneering spirit of special individuals, and as companies still perpetuate the same spirit today. Their wines make them special ambassadors for their regions and terroirs, both driving the economy and providing steady employment.

These special families are placed front-and-centre in this issue of Families of Wine. They are distinguished by notably value-based philosophies geared to the long term. They run their businesses in the spirit of their ancestors while looking forward toward subsequent generations. Nature and individuals both play central roles in this, their health being regarded as essential elements of working capital in the best sense. Especially in turbulent times, these estates represent continuity – be it as an employer or as part of the economic foundation of a country. Awareness that their success is based on hard work, coupled with innovative vision and sensible actions, runs like a bright thread through their corporate histories. They place great value on the family itself and they readily acknowledge the strength found in cohesiveness.


Here is a chance of getting to know these outstanding families of wine:

  • Agricola Buglioni: Amarone in Amphoras
  • Bodegas Riojanas Group: More than 130 years of innovation
  • Domäne Baumgartner: Weinviertel Gourmet Cinema
  • Domaines Bonfils: Chosen as the Best!
  • Bouvet Ladubay: The perfect combination of wine, pleasure & art
  • Gonzalez Byass: The Soul of the Solera
  • Cottini: The Sustainable Experience on Lake Garda
  • Delicato Famiy Vineyards: An American Success Story
  • De Wetshof: Sustainability in Wine through Three Generations
  • Cantine Luigi Sgarzi: Ambassadors of Italy
  • Planeta: Telling the Tale of Sicily
  • Domaine Faiveley: A beacon in the heart of Burgundy
  • Ferrari Lunelli: The Formula One of Metodo Classico
  • Gerstacker-Gruppe: Fine flavours & high-volume variety
  • Les Domaines Paul Mas: The New Look of the Ancient Languedoc
  • Masciarelli Tenute Agricole: The Vision Behind the Vines
  • Caves Messias: A single source for the best of Portugal
  • Piccini 1882: Entrepreneurial vision with a love of the homeland
  • Champagne Philipponnat: 500 years of history in the heart of Champagne
  • Puklavec Family Wines: The traditional career-changers
  • Tommasi Viticolori: Celebration of a major jubilee!
  • Valdo Spumanti: Prosecco Pioneer
  • Villa Sandi: Landmark of Wine Culture
Families of Wine 2023/2024

Families of Wine CoverExtraordinary stories about successful families working together in wine from the world’s most famous viticultural regions. 

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