France's Wine Exports Rise in Value

Given inflation, the joy about the big gains in the industry is restrained.

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Record value for French wine exports (Photo: xtock/
Record value for French wine exports (Photo: xtock/

French wine and spirits exports reached a new record value of €17.2bn in 2022. According to La Fédération des Exportateurs de Vins & Spiritueux de France, however, inflation must be taken into account when assessing the growth of 10.8% compared to the previous year. The wine category in particular achieved €11.6bn (+10.2%) and 12.2m hl (-6.6%) in exports. This puts the category in second place in French exports, just behind aviation.

César Giron, President of the FEVS, said: "This positive result in 2022 shows the resilience of the sector in a particularly complex environment. Despite the difficult geopolitical context and inflation, French wine and spirits companies were able to adapt." Giron adds, "Moreover, businesses had to contend with the impact of a low 2021 harvest."

Champagne remains France's export engine

Still wines from PDO regions represent the largest category in wine exports. They recorded a 6% increase in value to €5.6bn. However, the volume fell by 6% to 5.01m hl, which means that they account for 41% of the total export. As usual, champagne plays a special role. Even though it only accounts for about 11% of the total volume (+8.5% compared to the previous year), it is responsible for 36% of the export value (€4.21bn, +20%).

For PGI wines, €902m represents a slight minus of 0.3%. The volume also fell by 10.9%. Varietal wines without a PGI, the simplest category, lost 9.9% in volume. On the other hand, they achieved a significant increase of 8.6% in value with an export turnover of €264m.


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French wines without PGI and grape variety fell by 18.1% in volume compared to 2021. Nevertheless, their export value rose to €162m (+5.5%). The two non-PGI categories combined account for 13% of the export volume, while PGI wines account for 26%.

Chinese decline

China recorded a large decline in sales. With about 62.1m litres (-23.8%), China only accounts for 5.1% of the total export. The value also fell by 4.6% to €500m, which is only 4.3% of the total. According to the FEVS, exports to Russia halved in 2022. PD




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