Issue 6, 2020 out now!

Issue 6, 2020
Issue 6, 2020

Here is a sample of what's in Issue 6, 2020:

The Meininger’s international Wine Conference
How to entice the next generation of German consumers to wine?

How the trade is coping in a pandemic that never stops.

The UK market in turmoil
An interview with Michael Saunders, a key figure in the UK trade.

Battling red tape
An Italian winemaker on a mission to simplify bureaucracy.

On the West Coast
Consumers want their wine with a dose of wellness.

Profit in a box
One company has found a way to benefit from the new tube technology.

Who is who in Russia
Big developments in the world of Russian wine.

Rocket red
How the blockbuster wine Apothic was conceived and launched.

The juggernaut category
Can the red blend category grow even further? 

Master the palate
A new service to help wine professionals train their palates.

Hand-picked dilemma
What happens when farm labour is in short supply?

Sample size
The rise of the Zoom tasting has created a need for sample packs.

Pinot Noir yields
Is it possible to produce high-quality Pinot with higher yields?

Ribera del Duero
A premium Spanish region rethinks its approach.

Danish independents
The pandemic has opened new doors for old businesses, plus an innovative new company.

The French giant
InVivo demonstrates the French way of doing business.

The German wine tourism scene
A study of what wine tourism can contribute to an economy.

A year of comfort wines
Jeff Siegel looks at some wines that stood out in the US market in 2020.

And more.

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