Ciatti Report: Historic Low in Global Wine Production

The International Organisation of Vine & Wine (OIV) estimate that 2023 wine production will be 7% lower than the below-average volume of 2022, and it says, the lowest output since 1961. Does this tally with what we at Ciatti are hearing, and what should we make of it?

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2023 Wine Production Plunges to Lowest Level in Six Decades

The wine production forecasts from the OIV indicate a significant decrease, falling by 7% to 244 mhl, marking a historic dip. Yet, this reduction might help to stabilize the international market.

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EU Wine Harvest Falls Below Five-Year Average

The 2023 wine harvest across Europe amounts to about 150m hectolitres, approximately 5.5% below the five-year average. Countries in Eastern Europe, especially those hit by severe weather, are reporting significant losses.

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Ciatti Report: Lacking Predictability

October has arrived but the Northern Hemisphere harvest picture still lacks clarity due to a patchy performance in Europe and a lag in California’s growing season by up to four weeks. What have we been hearing?

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Extreme Weather Patterns

The 2023 vintage demanded high efforts from South Tyrolean winemakers. The hard work was rewarded with a promising quality.

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A Quick German Wine Harvest with High Quality and Average Yield

The German Wine Institute (DWI) forecasts a harvest yield of 8.8m hectolitres in Germany, which is close to an average crop. The quality is expected to be good.

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While Europe Faces a Grape Harvest Decline, France Shines

The EU Commission reports a wine harvest 6% lower than in 2022, while the French Ministry of Agriculture's third harvest forecast expects levels above its five-year average.

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Positive Vintage Outlook in Bordeaux

The CIVB has declared a good 2023 vintage, despite the harvest beginning early, in mid-August. White and red grape varieties have benefited from the climatic and weather conditions, although the yield remains uncertain.

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Inhumane Harvest Conditions in Champagne

The Châlons-en-Champagne prosecutor's office has initiated several investigations into human trafficking. There have been reports of fatalities due to the heat during the harvest.

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